Teaching at Contagious

Teaching at Contagious

All of us could be hooked into an unhealthy cycle of addictive behaviour.  We could be hooked to technology, gambling, entertainment, drugs, body image, phones, success, shopping, porn or eating. But Jesus offers us a glorious message of light, hope and life.

At Contagious 2018 we will:

  • Expose the empty promises of addictions
  • Experience the love of God and the redeeming work of the cross
  • Enjoy the grace and hope we have in Jesus
  • Equip ourselves to resist addictive behaviour
  • Encourage each other in supportive community

At a Contagious conference, we are committed to teaching the Bible and we do that creatively and engagingly

Contagious SUS Groups

Sometimes a large group of people can be daunting so everyone in Contagious belongs to a small group called SUS (Scripture Under Scrutiny). You will quickly get to know new friends and build a good team spirit. Each SUS group is lead by two experienced adult leaders who support, encourage and care for each member of their group. Each day we spend time in the Bible together in SUS groups which are an ideal time for you to ask questions, discuss and get to know Jesus better.

Usually you will share accommodation with other friends in your SUS group and your SUS leaders will be nearby, so there are always people around who you know.

Great Seminars!

Each morning we dig deep into the Bible to find out what it says.  Seminars teach the Bible in creative and engaging ways that make sense and help you capture what it says in your heart. Some of the time we will teach from the front or you will look up verses in SUS groups. Other times there will be games, competitions, drama, songs or visuals to illustrate the teaching point. Some have said we work harder than school, but it is so different because what we are learning is truth, alive and relevant to our lives. No one will be put on the spot or expected to read out loud if they feel uncomfortable about that, but you will have the opportunity to ask questions and work through difficult issues at your own pace. If you have any particular learning needs, please tell us and we will endeavour to provide some additional support.

Big Teaches!

We are passionate about hearing the Bible being taught. The ‘Big Teach’ is the climax of each day where an experienced preacher will apply the Bible to our lives. Everyone gathers in the main hall for great worship, interviews, ice-breaker games, prayers before the preach.

Having spent time each morning exploring a breadth of Bible teaching on our subject matter, the preach is often a time when those truths are applied to our lives in a culturally relevant and powerful way. We give young people the chance to speak to experienced leaders afterwards for support, encouragement and prayer. Many young people say that the ‘Big Teach’ is the highlight of their week!

Music and Worship

We love to sing and worship God with a mix of modern songs and traditional hymns (played in a contemporary way) and some new songs written for Contagious. Worship is an important way to take all we have learnt during the day and express our love for God from our hearts. Whilst our music is vibrant and modern we avoid making the worship too different from what most young people will experience in their home churches to encourage them to enjoy praising God all year round.



Everyone is offered an opportunity for a One-2-One session with your SUS Group Leader.

This will be your opportunity to share how you are feeling, ask any questions and pray together. Most young people really appreciate this time and find it encouraging as they prepare to return home.

One-to-ones are always done in a public space and according to our Contagious Safeguarding Policy (June 2017). We respect privacy but do not promise confidentiality and always act with the young person’s best interests first. We also recognise our limitations so if any issues arise which need further help we will help the young person seek appropriate support.



Often the most precious times at Contagious are those when we are alone with God. It is in these times that our Father speaks to us individually, leading and guiding, using the scriptures that have been read and preached from in the main sessions. Each young person at Contagious is encouraged to develop a regular, daily time of communion with the Lord through reading, prayer and meditation.