Parents Information

Parents Information

All you need to know about the Conference your child is attending.  Click the link below to go to the right page for your booking.

CONTAGIOUS CENTRAL  (AKA The Pilot) Kingham Hill School, 21-27 July 2018

NANO CENTRAL  Kingham Hill School, 21-27 July 2018


CONTAGIOUS SCOTLAND  Strathallan, 21-27 July 2018

NANO SCOTLAND  Strathallan, 21-27 July 2018


CONTAGIOUS WEST  Pioneer Centre, 4-10 August 2018

NANO WEST  Pioneer Centre, 4-10 August 2018


CONTAGIOUS EAST  Royal Hospital School, 18-24 August 2018

NANO EAST  Orwell Park School, 18-24 August 2018