Apply to join the TEAM

Apply to join the TEAM

We have a committed, caring and talented team of leaders who love Contagious and are passionate about showing young people how to live or Jesus.

Thank you so much for this year.  I have found it to be spiritually revitalising.  Thanks to the whole team for all their hard work and dedication.  Will age 18

Each conference has a number of male and female SUS leaders. The TEAM are the backbone of our Contagious Max and Contagious Go conferences each year.

SUS leaders are pastorally responsible for the young people in their care and lead the SUS group times with the young people and help lead the seminars as well as help lead the various activities and fun throughout the conference.

The application process for TEAM is as follows:

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us below:

You can find more information about being a leader in last years handbook:

Contagious Max Leaders Handbook 2018 PDF

Contagious Go Leaders Handbook 2018

We have also prepared One to One guidance notes to help you prepare for leading your SUS group.

Contagious One to Ones guidance notes