2018 Videos

2018 Videos

You can view the media we used at Contagious 2018 here:

Contagious East Video Highlights 2018:

Contagious Nano East video montage 2018:

New Branding Video:

A moving film showing the love of our Saviour to redeem those trapped in addiction.  The Hound of Heaven is an adaption of a 100 year old poem by Francis Thompson produced by Oxvision Films and available via Vimeo:

Contagious West Theme Song (tune: Lily Allen The Fear)

Contagious West Lyrics of Theme Song 2018

Download mp3 here: Contagious West theme song


Are you lost in the world like me? Via YouTube:


BBC Panorama  – Smart Phones the Dark Side.  Programme available through BBC iplayer:



Emma Scrivener talk about Body Image issues:


Pornography.  Jimmy Needham addiction to porn and redemption to a better story:


Contagious Central Theme Song: We’re loved and free!


Contagious Scotland 2018 video of the week


Scotland 2018 Big Teach 1 – A Song of Shalom


Contagious Scotland Big Teach 2 – Desired by the King


Contagious Scotland Big Teach 3 – Love in a World of Thorns


Contagious Scotland Big Teach 4 – The Wedding


Contagious Scotland Big Teach 5 – United and Fruitful

Contagious Scotland Big Teach 6 – This is love