Churches and Organisations

Churches and Organisations

We are pleased to work with many churches and organisations who support the work of Contagious Bible Ministries and send their young people to our Conferences:

Sally from our Operations TEAM had a great chat with Adrian Reynolds (Head of National Ministries at the FIEC) about why we should send our kids to summer camps.

Here is one quote that Adrian said about summer camps:

“They serve a real purpose don’t they in actually telling kids ‘you’re not alone there are other people like you who think the same way that you do, and believe the same things you do, and are exploring the same things you do.’ “

Mark Lawrence, Senior Pastor, Christ Church Dunstable:

“Contagious Bible Weeks each summer have been transformative in our youth work at Christ Church Dunstable over the past sixteen years. Enthusing each generation of our young people to joyfully study the Word of God, and developing dozens of our youth leaders to teach the Bible expositorily and dynamically, Contagious keeps the Main Thing the Main Thing, focusing on the life-changing gospel of Christ Jesus and its urgent application to the lives of each young person. Contagious has strategic importance for us at the heart of our church youth work. I recommend it wholeheartedly as a parent and as a Pastor.”  

Paul Rees, Lead Pastor at Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh:

“Our young people keep coming back from Contagious with a joyful confidence in their faith in Jesus Christ.  For many this has been a landmark moment in their Christian lives.”

Pete Matthew, Pastor for Family Life at King’s Church Walton and CREW Leader at Contagious MAX Central

“As a church we’re thrilled that so many of our young people go to Contagious to be taught the Bible in clear, engaging, deep, and faithful ways.  They come back buzzing from the fun, the friendships, and also what they’ve learned.  It was amazing to hear from them last summer how John’s Gospel has deepened their love for Jesus.”

We have had a long association with our friends at FIEC.

John Stevens, FIEC Director says:

The great strength of Contagious is that it is utterly unashamed about teaching the Bible to young people. It does not patronise them but assumes that they are able to take the word of God seriously. In an atmosphere of fun, deep foundations are laid to enable them to grow as disciples and servants of the Lord Jesus.”

Agnes Brough is on staff at The Tron Church in Glasgow and serves as a Teaching Leader at our GO ScoNo Conference:

“We’re so grateful for the clarity and depth of the teaching at Contagious Max.  Our young people love it.  More Bible really does give young people a greater appetite for the Bible!  And they’ve made friends with other young people around the country that they’re now keeping in touch with, meeting up with and might go to uni with.  Win.”  

Nick Ferraby, Assistant Pastor at Jersey Baptist Church and Teaching Leader at GO South West in 2023

“2022 was our first time at Contagious and all 17 of our young people, including some who do not regularly attend church, had a great time at Central Max/Go. Since camp we have seen many of our young people grow in their love for Jesus and some making godly lifestyle decisions having been impacted by God’s word. Meeting many other young people and leaders from around the UK has also given them confidence as young people to be unashamed about their faith in Jesus. We look forward to Contagious 2023!” 

Michael Prest, Director of UFM Worldwide:

“I’ve long had the joy of seeing young people returning to church from Contagious, full of excitement for God’s word and encouraged by new friends made.  Now that my own children are old enough to take part, I’m more grateful than ever for the commitment of Contagious to teaching God’s word to young people in an engaging way.  Many children of staff and mission partners in the UFM Worldwide family are also hugely blessed by this work. Thank you.”