Nano 2018 – James the Punching Preacher

Nano 2018 – James the Punching Preacher

Contagious Nano Summer 2018 Dates

Nano Scotland: 21st-27th July 2018

Nano Central (New conference supported by Co-Mission): 21st-27th July 2018

Nano West: 4th-10th August 2018

Nano East: 18th-24th August 2018

Young people today are worried or broken by a world where…

  • wealth works for the selfish
  • people are loved for looks or ‘likes’
  • truth is trashed in fake news or false words

The Bible book of James powerfully
strengthens the faithful where…

  • the vulnerable are welcomed and wealth is shared
  • people are loved for who they are
  • the truth is treasured and words are for wisdom

James, the punching preacher, will take us
into the gym to prepare for the fight of life, where…

  • he will train our hands and feet to move quickly in obedience to God
  • our tongues to speak truth to honour Jesus
  • our hearts to love God’s wisdom.

Download the Nano Conference PDF to print and share: James Final Leaflet_Nano