GO 11-14 years (‘Nano’)

GO 11-14 years (‘Nano’)

11-14 years BIBLE TEACHING

Contagious GO teaching is aimed at 11-13 year olds.  However, in some circumstances we are happy for 14 year olds to attend GO if it means they can stay with their friendship group.  We do not allow 13 year olds to move up to MAX.  If you would like to discuss this further, please contact Nick Jackman on the form below.

‘Big Teach!’

Each evening we gather together for a great time of worship, games, interviews, memory verse songs, prayers and most of all to hear talks from the Bible. These meetings include loads of craziness, laughter, sweets, competitions as well as serious discussions, questions, and engaged learning. We have gifted Bible teachers who clearly and passionately share Bible stories, gospel truth and life experiences that guide young people to know Jesus better and love him more.

We do not demand response or hype up emotions. No one will be pressurised or manipulated, but young people will be given opportunities to ask questions of experienced leaders to help them think through what the Bible says.

Go SUS Groups and Seminars

Sometimes coming into a large group can feel daunting, so we make sure that everyone feels secure by belonging to a small group. These are the new friends you will quickly get to know and spend time with. You will also have at least two caring Team leaders in your SUS group who will look after you, teach you and make sure you have a great time throughout the week.

You may also have:

  • One-ones towards the end of Contagious, just to see how you’re getting along
  • Seminars where everyone can get together and learn God’s word together

Music and Worship

We love to sing and worship God with a mix of age appropriate modern songs and traditional hymns (played in a contemporary way).  Worship is an important way to take all we have learnt during the day and express our love for God from our hearts.

Whilst our music is vibrant and modern we avoid making the worship too different from what most young people will experience in their home churches to encourage them to enjoy praising God all year round.


There will be a variety of activities ranging from outdoor sport to indoor recreational activities everyday of the week. You will have the opportunity to mix with other people and have a good time!!

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