Contagious 2021 Cancelled

Contagious 2021 Cancelled

It is with great sadness that we need to announce that Contagious cannot happen this summer. 

Contagious has been cancelled for the following reasons:

  1. The Government Covid-Restrictions.

When the Government shared their roadmap in February, we were hopeful that we could run Contagious this summer without Covid-restrictions.  However, in mid-May, the youth sector was told by the Government that Covid-restrictions would remain over the summer and that large residentials would not be permitted.  This week some Covid-restrictions have been lifted to allow small residentials of 30 people in bubbles, though social distancing and mask wearing are still requirements.  Also 18-year-olds and over, cannot be in groups of more than 6.

After serious consideration and consultation, the Contagious senior leadership Team concluded that these Covid-restrictions would not be manageable for the Team and would significantly reduce the enjoyment of the young people.

2. The TEAM Needed Clarity.

We are so grateful to have about 200 volunteer leaders, who give a huge amount of preparation and effort into making Contagious happen. This year we have asked them to make plans for various scenarios and they have wholeheartedly responded with a willingness to put something on for the young people.  The constant uncertainty has taken its toll on our volunteers and they need clarity about Contagious this summer. 

3. We’ve Run Out of Time.

The venues need to order supplies, parents need to make childcare arrangements and everyone needs a firm plan for the summer holidays.  We couldn’t wait any longer for restrictions to be lifted and decision had to be made.

4. The Safety of Young People and Leaders.  

The Coronavirus is a serious disease that remains a significant danger to our society.  We need to protect our Young People and TEAM from risk of harm and it’s important to avoid large gatherings of people coming together from different areas of the country. 

Therefore, for all these reasons, we have been forced to cancel Contagious residential events this summer.  I know our young people, their families and all our Team will be very disappointed and we are sorry.  We hope you will understand that we have run out of options. 

Contagious is a charity and therefore a ‘not for profit’ organisation. Our main income is derived from running the summer camps. After cancelling events in 2020, we were able to survive through the great and overwhelming generosity of many, many supporters; for this we thank you.

Once again in 2021, we will receive no income from conferences, so please consider whether you could make a donation to the work of Contagious.

There will also be a link to Gift Aid any donated booking fees which will add an extra 25% benefit to Contagious. 

If you would like to give a donation to the work of Contagious above your booking fee, please go to our ‘Giving to Contagious’ page.

We want to bounce back again next year and provide quality conferences for young people with great Bible teaching, fun activities, and good opportunities to make new friends in 2022. Thank you for your support and commitment to Contagious.

If you have any questions, you can visit our website FAQs page or you can email me direct for an answer at

Every blessing,

Nick Jackman

Director of Contagious Bible Ministries