Contagious Adventure (8-11’s)

Contagious Adventure (8-11’s)

Contagious Adventure is a fabulous week of friendship, fun and great Bible teaching.

The week is aimed at 8-10’s, but we also allow 11 year olds to attend if they want to stay within their friendship groups (we encourage 11 year olds to attend Contagious GO for 11-13’s).

We are very pleased that Michael J Tinker has joined our Team to lead Contagious ADVENTURE.

This year at Contagious Adventure:

Contagious Adventure 2022 Event Information.

Here’s a flavour of our Adventure next summer…

We’re going to be blasting off to space for a week packed with excitement and adventure. We’ll be tracing the promises of God through the Bible, discovering how all of those promises are YES in Jesus. The children will get a good handle on the story of the Bible and discover they have a part in it too.

As well as the usual fun and games (check out some of the videos of previous Contagious conferences) we’ll be using song, drama, quizzes, discussions and talks to meet the children where they are at and help them discover the wonder of the gospel.

The children will also receive a specially written book covering the teaching so they can continue to discover over the year.

For a taste of the kind of drama Michael has produced check out his new TV series!

Locations and Dates for Contagious ADVENTURE are:

Kingham Hill School, Kingham, Oxfordshire

6th – 12th August 2022
Sign in from 3.30pm

Find more details about Contagious Adventure here.