Contagious GO (11-14’s)

Contagious GO (11-14’s)

Contagious GO is a fabulous week of friendship, fun and great Bible teaching for 11-14 year-olds*.

*14 year-olds can choose to stay in GO or move up to Contagious MAX. The programme (activities, teaching and bedtimes) will be aimed at 11-13 year-olds, so 14’s need to be happy to follow.

This year at Contagious GO:

Engaging Stories…

David was a great Chosen King of the Old Testament in the Bible. He was Devoted to God despite many challenges and difficulties, though in the end he was also Fallen, showing that he was not the King to save God’s people. David’s life points us to our need of the chosen King Jesus who was completely devoted to God and whilst sinless, he died and rose again and offers forgiveness of sins to all who believe.

Explore the Christian Message…

Young people will enjoy these great stories about David, told in an engaging, creative and fun way. They will explore the Christian message through safe small groups led by experienced leaders. Young Christians will be encouraged to grow in their faith as we apply these stories to our lives today.

Dates for Contagious GO this year:

GO ScoNoGO CentralGO WestGO East
24th – 30th July 2022 23rd – 29th July 20226th – 12th August 202220th – 26th August 2022
Barnard Castle SchoolKingham Hill SchoolPioneer CentreCulford School

Contagious GO 2022 Event Information

Here is a typical programme for our week