Contagious GO (11-14’s)

Contagious GO (11-14’s)

Contagious GO is a fabulous week of friendship, fun and great Bible teaching for 11-14 year-olds*.

*14 year-olds can choose to stay in GO or move up to Contagious MAX. The programme (activities, teaching and bedtimes) will be aimed at 11-13 year-olds, so 14s will need to bear this in mind.

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GO Central – 27th July-2nd August – Kingham Hill School, Oxon (please note the different start date to MAX Central)

GO ScoNo – 27th July-2nd August – Barnard Castle School, Durham

GO West – 3rd-9th August – Pioneer Centre, Kidderminster

GO South West – 5th-11th August – Prior Park College, Bath

GO East – 18th-23rd August – Framlingham College, Suffolk (please note the different start date to MAX East)

All our Conference dates/venues can be found here.

At Contagious GO 2024 we are going to be diving into the book of Philippians. The topic is To Live is Christ: Portraits from a Prison Cell.

Contagious GO Flyer for 2024

The day starts with wake up followed by a filling breakfast. We then go into our morning meeting together. This meeting includes singing, activities and challenges, and teaching from one of the leaders.

After the morning meeting there will be a short break followed by some time in SUS (small) groups going through part of the Bible together.

After SUS we will have our lunch and then go into afternoon activities. The activities are a mix of all-together activities (such as water games, wide games and inflatables) and option activities (sports, craft, alternative).

After another cooked meal at dinner, there is another meeting similar to the morning meeting, followed by an evening activity (these have included junk heap challenges, wide games, quizzes and film nights) before bed.

We teach the Bible in several ways in order to help with a variety of learning styles.

SUS groups are your small groups for the week that meet each morning. This is the group of young people you will spend most time with and with who you will make new friends. You will have two or three adult leaders assigned to your SUS group who will care for you, give support and encouragement and teach you great truths from the Bible throughout your week at Contagious.

We will have two meetings, one in the morning before SUS, and one in the evening. The sessions are so full of great stuff including leader challenges, testimonies, stories, great songs, memory verse songs, team games, drama, and great talks.

We may work hard at understanding the Bible, but there is also plenty of time for breaks and activities. There are usually two activity slots in the afternoon, divided into an ‘all in’ activity and then some optional activities. Our activities divide into three types:

‘All in’ activities – great fun team events where everyone enjoys being together. These can include wide games, SUS challenges, inflatables, water games and colour wars.

Optional activities – where we can choose from a selection of options including sport, craft, music, chill or alternative choices. 

Evening activities – Evening activities are another opportunity to have a bit of fun before bed. They have included quizzes, wide games, film nights and ceilidhs!

You can also look at the reviews from parents and young people or browse through the photos from each Conference.

Please join the leaders in praying for our time at Contagious this summer:

  • Thank God for the many young people coming to Contagious from different backgrounds and churches.
  • Thank God for Contagious and the dedicated leaders who prepare the teaching, organise the activities, and give of their time to care and support the young people.
  • Please pray for young people who may be feeling anxious about coming to Contagious; pray that they would quickly find their way around, meet great leaders and make new friends.
  • Please pray for young people as they listen, learn and engage with the teaching this summer; that they would grow in their love of Jesus and mature in their walk with Him.
  • Please pray for the leaders that they would teach the young people well and faithfully, according to the Bible.  Give them creative ideas to engage the young people and a love for the young people that comes from Jesus.
  • Please pray for safety and smooth running of the conference, free from evil attack and blessed by God.
  • Please pray for the ongoing work of Contagious as they plan future conferences and look for new opportunities to serve young people in our nation.
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