Contagious MAX (14-19’s)

Contagious MAX (14-19’s)

In the summer of 2022, we are returning to teach REVELATION The Beginning and the End. We will unwrap the incredible book of Revelation to reveal the big story of the Bible. Young people will be encouraged to hear that Jesus is victorious over sin, evil and death and saves his people from their sin. He is seated on the throne in heaven, will one day return to redeem his people and bring justice on the earth. The teaching will help us to understand our struggles today and answer questions about suffering, conflict and persecution. We will gain a bigger perspective on life and be filled with hope for the future.

Contagious MAX is a fabulous week of friendship, fun and great Bible teaching for 14-19 year-olds (those currently in school years 9 – 13 or in Scotland it is S4-19).

*19 year-olds (after first year uni/work) can choose to stay as a delegate in Contagious or join our CREW Team of trainee leaders.

Venues for Contagious MAX

ScoNo MAXCentral MAXWest MAXEast MAX
24th – 30th July 202223rd – 29th July 20226th – 12th August 202220th – 26th August 2022
Barnard Castle SchKingham Hill SchoolPioneer CentreRoyal Hospital School

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