All our TEAM and CREW require a DBS (for residents of England and Wales) or a PVG (for residents of Scotland). We have additional safe recruitment procedures for residents outside of the UK who apply to join our TEAM.


Is my DBS valid?

Check the flowchart below to see if your DBS is valid for Contagious. If not, you will need to apply for a new DBS through Contagious. This is at a cost of £15 (see below).

Why do Contagious charge £15 for a new DBS?

For those requiring a new DBS Contagious charge £15, this is to cover the fee from an external company we use to process our DBS checks online and an admin fee.  

The gov.uk website states that ‘Applicants do not pay for Standard, Enhanced, or Enhanced with Barred Lists DBS checks for volunteer positions’  

It is true that these government DBS checks can be carried out by an authorised organisation for free via the government. An organisation needs to register with the government first (costing £300) and can only use online forms when they have 1,500 or more applicants a year.  

Contagious do not process 1,500+ applicants, therefore we have decided to avoid the hassle of everyone completing paper forms by using an umbrella organisation. This is why we charge our volunteers. If TEAM can get a DBS through their church or have an existing up to date one – we are happy to take them instead.  

Most churches and organisations will be using an umbrella company to process their DBS checks, allowing them to do it online and will pay a cost for such services. Even if they do not pass on the costs to their volunteers, they are probably taking a cost themselves from a third party.  

We keep our DBS procedures in review with the latest regulations and technology to make it as efficient and easy for our volunteers.  

Is my PVG valid?

Disclosure Scotland’s laws are currently changing around PVGs, but currently all TEAM and CREW members require a PVG through Contagious. This is regardless of whether you already have a PVG through work/church as they are not transferrable. PVGs are free for all our TEAM and CREW as you are classed as volunteers.

If you have a PVG through Contagious that will be less than three years old at the start of Contagious this summer then your PVG will be valid. If you do not have a PVG through Contagious then you will need to apply for a PVG through Contagious. One of our TEAM will get in touch with you to let you know if this is the case.

How is my PVG stored?

If you have a paper PVG certificate through Contagious (prior to 2023) then it is stored in a locked box for as long as you volunteer with us. If you have a digital certificate (2023 onwards) then it is stored in our secure cloud system for as long as you volunteer with us.

As many of our leaders occasionally take a year out from volunteering for a variety of reasons, we will keep your PVG certificate for two years following your first Conference with us. Once you have not attended for one summer and are not signed up to volunteer for a second year, we will contact Disclosure Scotland and destroy your PVG certificate. If you would like to volunteer again at Contagious then we will apply for a new PVG for you.

If your PVG is a number of years old with Contagious then we may ask you to apply for an updated PVG.

What does a valid DBS look like?

Below is an example of a valid DBS. Please send a photo of the whole front of the DBS. We do not need a photo of the back of the certificate. If your DBS is on the update service then we still require a photo of the original certificate in order to check it against the update service.

Why do I need to send a picture of my DBS if I sent one last year?

We are not allowed to keep records of your DBS. This means that once we have collected the information that we need from your DBS, we must delete all digital copies. In this case, the following year we are required to view your DBS again and so need to ask for another copy of your photo.