Are the facilities for Contagious accessible?

We have a variety of different venues for Contagious, and Contagious West is our fully-accessible venue in the purpose-built Pioneer Centre. Whilst the other venues have a range of levels of accessibility, we work hard to ensure that all young people are included.

Our recommendation is for you to book onto Contagious West as our accessible venue, or to speak to us (fill in the form below to get in contact) to get further information about one of the other venues.

I or my child has specific dietary requirements – how will they be managed?

There is space in our booking form for you to let us know about any dietary requirements/allergies. One of our TEAM will then inform the Conference Administrator and the venue about these dietary requirements to ensure that you will be properly looked after during the week.

I or my child has a special educational need – will they find Contagious challenging?

At Contagious, we will do everything we can to make sure young people have a fantastic week.  We welcome young people with SEN and make sure our leaders are briefed about the young person’s needs.  We ask you to provide us information about your child in the booking process and we can speak to you further to answer any questions you have or to make sure we fully understand everything you are telling us.

If you or your parents would like to talk to us beforehand about any concerns or requirements, and how we may be best able to help you during the week, then please feel free to contact us using the form below.

Who can apply for the Bursary?

Anyone for whom cost would stop them from attending Contagious can apply to the Bursary Fund. Examples of people who receive Bursary Support from us include those who work for a church or Christian charity on a low income, or who are part of a single-parent household, or those on a low income.

How do I apply for a Bursary?

You are able to apply for Bursary Support during the booking process, by simply clicking ‘yes’ to the question ‘Do you need to apply for a Bursary?’ and answering the simple questions that follow.

We will ask for a reference from someone in your church to support your application, this is to confirm who you are.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to offer any support at all, and you are therefore unable to afford your place, your deposit would be refunded if requested. (Please note that it may take up to 4 weeks to hear the result of your Bursary application.)

Where does the Bursary Fund come from?

The Bursary Fund is contributed to purely by donations. Last year, due to the generosity of these donations we were able to offer Bursary awards totalling £15,420 helping 114 children, young people and leaders, with a further £4,775 of awards given through churches.

Is there any further support available beyond the Bursary Fund?

Many people who attend Contagious each year have successfully made an application to the David Chilcott fund, who support young people to attend Christian camps. The David Chilcott Fund can provide support for up to a third of the fees of Contagious. The David Chilcott Fund is able to provide support for young people up to the age of 18 who are in financial difficulty.

Visit the David Chilcott website to find out more and apply.

What is a typical day like at Contagious?

To find out more about a typical day at Contagious please click on one of the Conferences below:

Do I need to bring money to Contagious?

Everything we do at Contagious is covered by your booking fee. However, there is a tuck shop and a range of books for sale at our MAX and GO Conferences (For guidance we would recommend a maximum of £20 for Contagious GO delegates and £30 for Contagious MAX delegates).

At ADVENTURE there will be books available to buy at the end of the week by parents and tuck is included in the cost of ADVENTURE, so the children do not need to bring any money with them to ADVENTURE.

When do I need to pay for Contagious?

We have chosen a booking system that allows you to spread payments over the months before Contagious in order to help with spreading the cost.

We need the fees to be paid in full one month before the conference begins but you can choose when it is best for you to pay.

How do I pay for Contagious?

You can choose to pay for Contagious in two ways:

  • You can pay instalments via your booking page as a card payment.
  • If you prefer to pay by Bank Transfer the details are below:
    • Bank: CAF Bank
    • Sort Code: 405240
    • Account Number: 00023542
  • You could set up a standing order from your bank account to Contagious. If you set up a standing order, please be sure to put your child’s surname and first initial as a reference, followed by the initials of the conference they are attending, so we can ensure prompt crediting of your payment to your booking, e.g.:
    • Ref: Bloggs J MC
    • Initials: ME (Max East), GE (Go East), MW (Max West), GW (Go West), MS (Max Scotland), GS (Go Scotland), MC (Max Central), GC (Go Central), MSW (Max South West), GSW (Go South West), ASW (Adventure South West). 
    • If you want to make a standing order payment to cover bookings for more than one child, please email Dudley Peacham (dudley.peacham@contagious.org.uk) with details of who the payment is for and the reference that you placed on the bank transfer.

What are the prices for TEAM?

Most of our TEAM give up annual leave in order to serve on Contagious and so we want to keep costs as low as possible for them whilst ensuring that young people’s costs are not subsidising the TEAM’s costs. Because of this we have created early bird prices for TEAM to enable them to come. Prices for TEAM in 2024 will be available to see in November.

What are the prices for CREW?

In the same way that TEAM sacrifice much to serve at Contagious, we are so thankful for our CREW that serve willingly throughout the week. We are also providing an early bird price for CREW to help them to come. Prices for CREW in 2024 will be available to see in November.

Is there any support for TEAM who have children attending Contagious as delegates?

Many of our TEAM also send their children on Contagious and so we apply a 10% discount to their children’s fees (this will be applied manually after booking. Please let us know you are a leader whose children are also attending in case we haven’t spotted the connection!).

Can TEAM bring young children with them to Contagious?

While TEAM can be demanding, we recognise that many TEAM members would love to still serve on Contagious with their young children (babies up to preschool age) accompanying them. To find out more about our guidelines for TEAM with children please click here.

Are TEAM and CREW able to apply to the Bursary Fund?

Absolutely! Our Bursary Fund is available to all CREW and TEAM for whom cost would stop them from attending Contagious.