Further help

Further help

Here are some questions with answers that may be helpful.

Coronavirus FAQ:

Q: What is the current plan?

We are optimistic, following the Government’s Roadmap out of the Pandemic, that we will be permitted to run face to face events this summer.  Therefore, we are planning normal residential conferences in the following venues on these dates:

Scotland/North 24th – 30th July 2021 at Barnard Castle School, Co. Durham

Central* 24th – 30th July 2021at Kingham Hill School, Oxfordshire

West 7th – 13th August 2021 at Pioneer Centre, Shropshire

East 21st – 27th August 2021 at Royal Hospital School, Suffolk
* there were originally two weeks publicised for Central, but we have combined both GO and MAX to one week.


Although there may be some changes to the programme, we will endeavour to run our 2021 camps as close to previous years as we can.


The Government has not yet outlined all Covid measures for residential conferences this summer.

The most likely scenario is that some increased hygiene measures will be required and we may need to test all delegates at the start of the week.  Please be assured that all legal requirements will be carried out and taken seriously by Contagious leaders. As the requirements become known we will ensure to update our website and our FAQ and keep you informed.

Any delegate testing positive for Covid-19 will not be able to attend Contagious.

If a delegate tests positive for Covid-19 during the Contagious week, s/he will need to immediately isolate and will be asked to leave the camp.

Q: What if the Covid restrictions do not allow us to run face to face events?

If Covid-secure measures of testing, social-distancing, limited ‘bubbles’, hygiene etc. are so restrictive that they would make residential conferences either impossible or not enjoyable, we are still determined to provide young people with teaching and fun activities through a virtual conference. Contagious would make use of online resources such as YouTube, Zoom, Kahoot, Netflix Party, etc. to make our online events as engaging and enjoyable as possible.

Q: What if the government impose restrictions on Contagious that make it possible but not enjoyable?

We will make Contagious as enjoyable as possible despite our circumstances.

However, If Covid restrictions affect our planned 6-night conferences, then we will consider changing to a 3-night conference.

Whatever the length of conference, we will endeavour to add extra creative ways to make the event a lot of fun. No matter what the restrictions are, we are confident that we can teach the Bible in a creative and engaging manner that will bless young people and encourage them in their faith. We are more equipped and prepared to do this in 2021 than we were in 2020.

Q: Can I get a refund?

If we are forced to cancel or change a Contagious event due to government restrictions and guidelines​, those who have booked will be given the following options:

  1. Transfer your deposit/booking money to another Contagious event or an online conference.
  2. Hold your deposit until the next Contagious event.
  3. Apply for a full refund.

If you change your mind and decide not to come to Contagious for any other reason, normal cancellation terms and conditions apply.

Q: What if I applied to do CREW last year but in 2021 I will be 22? / Will there be a run over year so that people whose last year would’ve been 2020 can still go? / I missed my last year of Contagious GO due to COVID. Will I be able to have it this year, or will I have to go to MAX?

We understand that disappointment that some of you may be feeling at having Contagious cancelled last year. Age ranges have been extended by one year for 2021 to give the opportunity for those who missed their ‘last year’ of a conference due to the cancellation in 2020.

This means that if you would like to have your final year at GO rather than moving up to MAX, you can do so and you can now stay serving on CREW up to the age of 22.

19 years olds still have the option of staying an extra year on MAX or joining the CREW team.

Q: Is Contagious financially stable?

Yes.  We are a small team with relatively low overheads and some reserves.  We are so thankful to all those who made donations to us last summer to ensure our survival through the first lockdown.  Like every charity, we need to generate income with events or donations and are confident that our flexible approach to providing events in 2021 will raise sufficient income.

Q: Is Contagious in need of donations?

All donations would be gratefully received to support our mission to disciple young people with excellent Bible teaching through good quality conferences.  We are so thankful to God for sustaining the work of Contagious through this very difficult year and so grateful for the support we have received through many donations.
If you would like to give to the work of Contagious, please do so at our Giving To Contagious page.  Thank you.

Q: How can I be praying for Contagious?

Thank you for all of your continued support through prayer as we prepare for Contagious 2021.

Please pray for the young people who have had such difficult time living through the pandemic; pray that they would continue to be discipled through friends, family and their local church. Please also pray for our TEAM as they look to God for wisdom in their lives and ministries as well as in their preparation for Contagious 2021.

Finally, please pray for our Operations Team and leadership team as they gear up for our summer camps.

General Contagious FAQ:

Q: What’s a typical day like at Contagious?

Typical MAX programme

Typical GO programme

A day at a Contagious conference is both hard work and great fun. There’s lots of Bible teaching, lots of activities and lots of opportunities to build great friendships.

This is what a typical day at Contagious MAX looks like (Contagious GO and ADVENTURE events have the same core elements):

After a good cooked breakfast we meet in SUS Groups (Scripture Under Scrutiny Groups). Groups of girls meet together and groups of boys meet together, about five to eight in a group with 2 leaders, and we look at some relevant passages of the Bible together.

We then have a Seminar all together, which includes some teaching from the front and some talking things through in our SUS Groups.

After a mid-morning break (about 20 minutes – no point wasting time!) we then have a Kick Back Session to expose the messages of our secular culture and help us to apply the Bible truth to our lives.

This brings us to lunchtime where we are fed another hot meal.

The afternoon activities give us time to unwind and let what we have just learned sink in. We take part in a wide variety of different activities and games and enjoy making new friends and catching up with old friends.

After the evening meal, we have what is known as the Big Teach. We all meet together to worship God and then hear His word taught and learn how to apply it to our lives. It is often these evening meets when all the hard work of the day clicks into place.

The Big Teach is followed by an ‘After Dark‘ programme which may include a talent show, a night walk or just chilling in Café Contagious.

Q: How can I travel to Contagious on public transport?

  • The nearest train station to The Pioneer Centre (Contagious MAX, GO & ADVENTURE West) is Kidderminster.
  • The nearest train station to Barnard Castle School is Darlington Station.
  • The nearest train station to The Royal Hospital School (Contagious MAX, GO & ADVENTURE East) is Manningtree.
  • The nearest train station to MAX and GO Central is Kingham Station.

Transport from the station is available via local taxis or public transport that need to be arranged privately.

Q: I am the only young person from my church going to Contagious – How will I make friends?

You won’t be the only person arriving not knowing anyone, and Contagious MAX, Contagious GO and Contagious ADVENTURE are great places for making new friends! Lots of our teaching is done in small groups which are a great way to get to know people your age.

One of our parents said in their feedback:

My 15-yr-old tends to find it a bit difficult at the beginning, as he comes on his own and not as part of a group. But this year he quickly got to know the folk around him and had a great time. I’m glad that the other folk there are open to meeting new people and don’t just stick with the members of their own home youth group.

There’s also a wide variety of afternoon activities and so you will have the chance to meet other young people who are interested in the same things as you.  SUS leaders are there to look after you and will make sure that you always have the opportunity to enjoy being with others. More event information available here.

Q: Do I need to bring any money with me to Contagious?

Everything we do at Contagious is covered by your booking fee. However, there is a tuck shop, a large range of books for sale and some Contagious merchandise available at each of our conferences. (For guidance for Contagious newcomers, we would recommend a maximum of £20 for Contagious GO and ADVENTURE delegates, and £30 for Contagious MAX delegates).

Q: My child has a Specific Learning Difficulty. Will they find Contagious challenging?

At Contagious, we will do everything we can to make sure young people have a fantastic week.  We welcome young people with learning difficulties and make sure our leaders are briefed about the young person’s needs.  We ask you to provide us information about your child in the booking process and we can speak to you further to answer any questions you have or to make sure we fully understand everything you are telling us.

This is what a 15-year-old with dyslexia has to say about Contagious:

“The Big Teach (which I thought I would never be able to follow) was made interesting, with lots of variety that actually made it exciting. The SUS groups and seminars are small enough so that you are able to talk and be more involved and they were easy to follow. The quality of the preaching at the Big Teach was so good that when I started to listen and follow I forgot I had dyslexia.”

And from his Mum:

“My biggest worry was how my son with Special Educational Needs would cope at Contagious and what would he do if he had any problems? However, we were able to explain to the leaders what help he required and we were able to reassure my son that if he had any worries he would be able to talk things through with one of the leaders. They were amazing and allowed my son to relax and enjoy the week gaining from his time away emotionally and spiritually.”

If you or your parents would like to talk to us beforehand about any concerns or requirements, and how we may be best able to help you during the week, then please feel free to contact us using the form below.

Q: Will the food meet my dietary requirements? e.g. Gluten-free.

The centres where we host Contagious MAX, Contagious GO and Contagious ADVENTURE will meet your dietary requirements. We ask you to provide us with your needs in advance as part of the Booking process so that we can advise the location in advance.