Giving to Contagious

Giving to Contagious

Are you able to give to help the work of Contagious or to enable others to attend Contagious? We have two pots that you can give towards in order to enable our work as well as a number of different ways in which you can give.

Donations to the General Fund of Contagious will be used towards the running costs to deliver and administer our conferences, marketing materials, teaching materials and subsidising the cost of accommodation to keep our fees as low as they possibly can be for everyone

With the rising costs of everything, our venues and all other operational costs have increased over the past year. We have to increase fees to reflect this but work hard each year to ensure that our fees are as low as they can be. Donations to the General Fund are used to lower fees for every attendee.

Find out more about the cost of Contagious

Donations to the Bursary Fund are protected for use solely as bursary awards, which are granted to help with fees of children, young people and leaders for whom the full fees are a stretch financially. 

The more we have in the Bursary Fund, the more we are able to give away to enable more young people to attend Contagious.

How was the Bursary Fund used last year?

“To those who helped with the bursary, I am very grateful for your help. It’s not often I can see Christians my age who I don’t already know. And being at Contagious is a great way to meet young Christians. And apart from that, Contagious really helped with my faith and helped make my relationship with God so much stronger. So I thank you so much for helping me be able to come to Contagious. :)” – Young Person

Contagious will receive 100% of your donation if you make a bank transfer. We bank with CAF Bank which is an online only bank. Please include in your reference that this is a donation. The bank details are below:

Sort Code: 40-52-40

Account Number: 00023542

Account Name: Contagious Bible Ministries

Sort Code: 40-52-40

Account Number: 00097349

Account Name: Contagious Bible Ministries

We have a Stewardship account which will take your donation and automatically claims any Gift Aid due on that donation for us.  They take a small fee but we get the benefit of the Gift Aid immediately.  Our Stewardship giving page is here and you can choose whether to donate to the General Fund or the Bursary Fund.

If you are booking yourself or your own children onto Contagious and are able to give, there is the option to make a donation when paying for your own fees. Simply click on the box ‘I would like to make a donation to the Bursary Fund’ and choose the amount you would like to donate.

If you are able to allow Gift Aid to be claimed on that donation, please fill out the relevant details that follow. In 2023 we had £3648 in donations during the Booking Process (including Gift Aid) which went straight to the Bursary Fund.

Yes! Gift Aid is incredibly helpful to us, so if you pay tax, please do fill in the Gift Aid form so that we can reclaim that tax on your donation (25p for every £1).

In the tax year from 2022-2023, we have been able to reclaim over £1,900 in Gift Aid from donations!

“Our kids love Contagious and we were very grateful for the bursaries they received last year.” – Parent of Contagious 2023 attendees

In 2023, we awarded 173 children, young people and leaders with bursary assistance, ranging from £50 – £399 off their fees, without which many of them would simply not have been able to attend. 

In total, thanks to the generous donations received from individuals and churches, we were able to offer bursary awards totalling £22,517, with a further £4,556 of awards given through churches paying us directly a proportion of the fees for young people and leaders from their church families (not including churches who gave directly to support attendees) and £1,282 in grants from the David Chilcott Fund.

This help has gone to a range of families with different circumstances, including single parents, those suffering from illness or job loss, families hosting Ukrainian refugees, missionary or church-planting families, church workers and apprentices on low (or no) income, and families with several children where both parents served as leaders and sent multiple children to Contagious conferences.  

It has been a great privilege to be able to serve families this year by being able to offer this bursary assistance, and to give young people the opportunity to benefit from a week of great Bible teaching, discipleship and fun that may otherwise have been impossible to access. 

Donations to the Bursary Fund are so vitally important for the continuation of our work and we are incredibly grateful for each and every one! Thank you!

“we are incredibly grateful to you for your generosity and kindness in these bursary grants – thank you so much.” – Parent of Contagious Attendee in 2023

To apply for a bursary, please do so through the Booking form by answering the question ‘Do you need to apply for a bursary’ with ‘Yes’ and completing the details in the form that opens up. For further help with bursary applications, please contact

If you would like more information about supporting the work of Contagious, please contact us via our admin email or contacting our finance officer Dudley Peacham (Dudley only works one day a week so if you have an immediate enquiry, it is best to go via the admin email).