Leaders’ Material

Leaders’ Material

Joining the TEAM means a leader takes on important responsibilities, so we have outlined the qualities required and the expectations of the role you may be considering.  Please read the following pages and familiarise yourself with the responsibilities before you apply to join the TEAM.

Qualities of a Leader

Roles and Responsibilities of being a Leader

If you are a leader at Contagious, please download and read the handbook for your conference.

MAX TEAM Handbook 2019

GO TEAM Handbook 2019

CREW Handbook 2019

We have also prepared One to One guidance notes to help you prepare for leading your SUS group.

Contagious One to Ones guidance notes

YP teaching book for ‘Children of the Revolution’: Edited Contagious MAX Booklet 2019

Contagious MAX Training Day Book Children of the Revolution 2019

YP teaching book for Mission Unstoppable: A5 Acts – Kids Guide final

Contagious GO Training Day Book Mission Unstoppable- Acts Leaders Book -2

If you have any questions about your role as a Leader, please do not hesitate to contact Nick Jackman using the form below.