Leaders’ Training Days

Leaders’ Training Days

We are privileged to have many hundreds of young people attend Contagious each summer.  We want to every young person to be faithfully taught life changing truth from the Bible and equip them to live for Jesus.  Therefore, we expect every leader on Contagious MAX, Contagious GO and Contagious ADVENTURE to attend one of our training days.

We develop our skills in youth ministry, provide an overview of the teaching material, study the small group material and receive essential guidance to properly care for the young people and each other.  We also have the opportunity to build friendships, plan activities and encourage each other in our own Christian walk.

The dates and venues for the training days will appear below when they have been confirmed:

Contagious ADVENTURE West and East: 

Contagious MAX Scotland/North and Contagious GO Scotland/North

Contagious MAX Central:  

Contagious GO Central: 

Contagious MAX West: 

Contagious GO West: 

Contagious MAX East: 

Contagious GO East: 

Training Day for East and West CREW: 

Additional Training Day for TEAM unable to make their regional days: