Our Leaders

Our Leaders

Each conference has is led by experienced workers who lead the team, guide the young people and deliver the teaching.

Contagious MAX Central

Jonty Allcock – Max Central teaching leader

Jonty is a very experienced Contagious leader who led last years team at the new GO Central conference, but is now part of the Central MAX team again.  He helps to write the teaching material for the conferences and serves on our Teaching and Vision team.  His good communication skills, clear theological thinking and pastoral experience are qualities that are enjoyed by the young people and team under his leadership.

Jonty is the pastor of the Globe Church on the Southbank in London (FIEC and Co-Mission).  He is married to Linda and they have three energetic boys. He loves the opportunity to teach young people the glory of Jesus from the Word of God.

Contagious Central CREW

TBC – CREW Team Leader

Go Central

Natasha small – Go Central Teaching Leader

Natasha is the Children’s Minister at Dundonald Church, London.

Contagious MAX Scotland / NORTH

Nathan Weston – MAX Scotland / NORTH Teaching Leader

Nathan is one of the Teaching Leaders at Contagious MAX Scotland /North who is passionate about telling young people about Jesus and training young adults in ministry.

Nathan grew up in Blackpool and was a member of Moorlands Church, Lancaster for around 5 years before moving to London to train at Oak Hill Theological College. After finishing studies in 2013, he returned to Lancaster  to take up the position of Associate Pastor.

Laura Porteous – MAX Scotland/North Administrator

Laura is the pastoral assistant of Greenview Church, Glasgow with specific responsibility for children and youth work. She’s passionate about bringing up the next generation to know and love the Lord for eternity.  Laura’s a Glasgow girl through and through, there is always enough time for a mug of tea, laughter and a good natter!

Scotland/North CREW Leadership Team

Adam McNinch – Scotland / North CREW Leader
Rachel Sloan – Scotland /North CREW Leader

GO Scotland / North

Agnes Brough – GO Scotland / North Teaching Leader
Jamie Dickson – GO Scotland /North Coordinator
Laura Porteous – Scotland/north GO administrator

Laura is the pastoral assistant of Greenview Church, Glasgow with specific responsibility for children and youth work. She’s passionate about bringing up the next generation to know and love the Lord for eternity.  Laura’s a Glasgow girl through and through, there is always enough time for a mug of tea, laughter and a good natter!

Contagious MAX West

Simon Dowland – MAX West Teaching Leader

Simon is the Teaching Leader of Contagious MAX West and leads the team and young people to discovering more about Jesus.  Simon is a gifted Bible teacher who delights in telling yp about Jesus.  He leads the conference in a happy gentle way with a pastoral maturity.

Simon is married to Ruth and he is the Youth Minister at Headley Park Church Bristol.

Stephen Hope – MAX West Co-ordinator

Steve is a gifted Bible teacher who has been at Contagious MAX West for several years.  Steve has taken the reigns of running the Max West programme and team.

Steve is the associate Pastor of Pelsall Evangelical Church in Walsall and is passionate about youth ministry.

Nick Jackman – Max West Administrator

Contagious West CREW Leadership Team

Jon and Jan Drane – CREW Leaders

Jon has been a leader on Contagious for many years and we are delighted that Jon and Jan are now turning their skills and experience towards helping the next generation of leaders.  Jon is the Pastor of Woodford Evangelical Church, East London and along with his wife have many years experience of youth ministry, church ministry and family life.

GO West

Alex Johnstone – GO West Teaching Leader

AJ is our Teaching Leader for Contagious GO West. He is full of enthusiasm to teach young people the truth about Jesus.

AJ serves as a Youth and Children’s Worker at Woodgreen Evangelical Church in Worcester. His heart is to see young people and children come to know Jesus personally for themselves as well as leaders and parents being better equipped to teach and proclaim God’s Word faithfully and dynamically.

Tamar Pollard – GO West Co-ordinator

Tamar loves leading GO and has been bringing all her experience in youth and children’s work into making GO West a great week.

Tamar works as the Children’s and Families worker at Grace Church Bedford.

Nick Jackman – GO west event administrator

Contagious Adventure

Michael Tinker – Adventure teaching leader
Dean dryden – adventure teaching leader
lucy drane – adventure co-ordinator
jo tinker – adventure event administrator

Contagious MAX East

Pete Woodcock – MAX East Senior Teaching Leader

Pete is one of the founders of Contagious and continues to be passionate about telling young people about the gospel.  Pete is a clear theological thinker with a deep understanding how the culture impacts young people.  He is involved in writing our teaching material and delivers most of the Big Teach talks at Contagious MAX East.

Pete is the Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church in Kingston, London.

Nick Jackman – Contagious MAX East Event Manager

Nick is delighted to be involved with Contagious because he loves to see young people grow in their relationship with Jesus. He became the full-time Contagious Director in 2016. Nick is married to Tracey and they have three children and they all love attending Cornerstone Church in Nottingham.  Nick has been involved in full-time youth and children’s ministry since 1997, working in churches in Chessington, Danbury and Beeston. He trained at Oak Hill Theological College and has been attending Contagious since its beginning in 2000.

Sally Jackman – max east administrator

Contagious MAX East CREW Leadership Team

Maurice Kinnaird, Paul and Kay Kinnaird, andy and cheryl kinnaird – MAX East CREW Leadership Team

contagious GO East

Trevor Pearce – GO East Teaching Leader

Trevor is one of the founders of Contagious and has a passion that young people grow as disciples through good Bible teaching.  Trevor is a wonderful story teller and brilliant at connecting young people to Biblical truth that is so relevant to their everyday lives.

Trevor grew up in Chessington and became a Christian at the age of 12 while on a youth camp. He left school at the age of 15 and worked in the construction industry before spending five years working in a school with children who had severe learning difficulties. Since then Trevor has spent over 25 years as a full-time youth worker in a number of cities and currently works at All Souls Church in London. Trevor is married to Eva and they have three beautiful daughters. He supports West Ham United. Trevor prepares the teaching material for all Contagious Go events.

Tom WARBURTON – GO East Co-ordinator

Tom has many years of youth ministry experience and also applies his business skills to organise the GO East programme, liaise with the venue, ensure the children are well cared for and leads the Team in a happy supportive environment.

Lisa Wheatley – GO East Administrator

Lisa works for Contagious throughout the year in the office and then also gives her own time to serve on Team for GO East each summer as the on site administrator.  Her organisational skills, good humour and pastoral skills make her the ideal person to support the Team in running a safe, caring and smooth youth conference.

Contagious adventure east

Dean dryden – adventure East teaching leader
Kris Dryden – Adventure East Coordinator
Sally Jackman – Adventure East administrator

Great Team of Leaders

Across all venues we have a huge team of fantastic leaders who are all DBS/PVG checked and committed to teaching the Bible to young people and  investing in their lives.  If you would like to join the TEAM please click on the link and apply for the conference you wish to serve on.