Hello!! Thanks for visiting the Parents page for Contagious and Nano 2018.

What will you find at Contagious 2018?

Whether this is your first visit or you are a Contagious veteran, we want this page to be the go-to place for you to understand everything you want to know about Contagious. we want to provide you with all the information that you need to make an informed decision about entrusting your children to a Contagious conference in the summer.of 2018.

So, where has Contagious come from?

Contagious started in 2000 with two churches taking 50 teenagers away for a week’s bible teaching. In 2017 we had nearly 900 total bookings.

 Nano or Contagious?

We now cater for 11-13s at Nano and 14-19s at Contagious at various different venues across the country.

What will it be like for my child at a Contagious conference?

 …and where does Contagious take place?

East: Royal Hospital School, Holbrook, Ipswich (book now here,,,)

Nano East: Orwell Park School, Nacton Ipswich (book here…)

Central & Nano Central: Kingham Hill School, Kingham, nr Chipping Norton, Oxon (book here…)

West & Nano West: The Pioneer Centre, nr Kidderminster, Worcs (book here…)

Scotland & Nano Scotland: Strathallan School nr Perth (book here…)

 Who is our Leadership Team?

Contagious is mainly a voluntary organisation; we do have a full-time Director who is supported initially by our Vision & Teaching Team, and then a superb team of more than two hundred men and women, all motivated by their strong desire to teach the Bible to young men and women and see them grow in their faith in the Lord Jesus.

Our Director is Nick Jackman and the V&T Team members are…

What is our underlying vision?

Our Vision is to bring glory and praise to God by being…

  • Passionate about God’s Word – declaring the good news of Jesus
  • Serious about Young People – encouraging them to be faithful followers of Jesus
  • Committed to Local Church – recognising its role in making disciples of Jesus

Our vision is that simple!

We are passionate about God’s Word. We are utterly and increasingly convinced that when God’s Word is preached and taught, in the power of God’s Spirit, lives are transformed. If young people are to genuinely know God, to have a real encounter with the risen Lord Jesus Christ, then they must hear God’s Word. So, at our youth conferences, we are absolutely committed to the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. This happens in a variety of ways. There are small groups studies, discussion based seminars, one-to-ones, question times and up-front preaching.

We are serious about young people. Young people coming to Contagious are expected to work hard. We believe that they are more capable of listening, discussing and grappling with God’s Word than is often assumed. Our experience has been that the teaching provided has developed in young people a hunger for more of God’s Word rather than less.

 We are committed to the Local Church. We long to see a generation of young people who are soaked in Bible truth, who are serious about pursuing God and who are passionate about serving Jesus in their local church. We want our leaders to experience and become convinced of the need for Bible centred ministry. We want to help train leaders for a lifetime of serving Jesus within local churches.

All that we do at Contagious (and it is a lot of fun!!) is designed to support this three-fold vision.

May God get all the glory!

Our statement of faith

How do I know my child will be safe at Contagious?

  • Safeguarding
  • DBS/PVG checks
    • Anyone in position of leadership will have to undergo and pass DBS/PVG checks
  • References 
    • Leaders will require a suitable reference from their local church members

Cost of Contagious?

  • Contagious conferences have always had a single price; for 2018 it is £315

Why does it cost so much?

  • Breakdown of costs – 80% venue costs

What are the Terms & Conditions that cover my booking?

Link here…

 How does my child get to Contagious?

It is your responsibility to get your child to the venue. Most parents will either drive themselves to the venue or link with other parents to arrange a lift. If you are at a church that sends a number of their Youth Group they may well make some group arrangements, for which you will need to liaise with your local church leadership.

Contagious endeavours to assist by providing chargeable transport from the nearest railway station to each venue. This needs to be booked well in advance.

click here  for more details on booking transport from the railway station

 How safe is my data at Contagious?

Talk about data protection…

Topic for the upcoming Conference (this belongs on another page for young people)

Our Topic this year is Hooked: Redeemed for a Better Story which will endeavour to help you understand the potential for ?? (see CAP leaflet)

You’ll have a number of different teaching times – Seminars and SUS groups in the morning and then Big Teaches in the evening. SUS stands for Scripture Under Scrutiny and is our acronym for our small groups. Every conference participant will be allocated to a SUS group and it is in the group that you will spend a lot of your time at the event. You will eat together, learn together and make new friends together in your SUS Group. There will be also be times of Praise & Worship each evening at the Big Teach gathering.

Your afternoons will be spent in a wide variety of activities. There are games to play, crafts to try, and many other activities to sample – you’re bound to find something to enjoy every day!

Eating is a favourite pastime of ours and you’ll enjoy the cooking at RHS! We have three cooked meals each day to provide the fuel for all of our learning and activities, and then you’ll get a good night’s sleep in the individual or shared rooms.