Refunds and Donations

Refunds and Donations

We are desperately sad to have to cancel Contagious 2020, but we will bounce back to run all our great conferences for 2021.

If you would like to understand more about how we have made this decision, many questions are answered here: Why is Contagious cancelled?

Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions protect you from loss and say:

“If the entire event were to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control any monies paid will be refunded in full.”

Full refunds are available to everyone who has booked.  See below about your four options.

Please Consider making a Donation

We would like to ask you to consider making a donation to the ongoing work of Contagious. We are a charity that relies on income from the conferences to keep running.  Now that our 2020 events have been cancelled, we will need to exist for two years on just one year’s income. We are making use of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to support us in the short term, but our staff and office costs will continue through the autumn/winter.  

Please would you consider supporting Contagious by either:

  1. Donating all or part of your booking fees to the charity (see below), or;  
  2. Consider making a one off or regular donation. Click here.

With your support, we can come through these difficult circumstances in a healthy position and continue to provide quality Christian conferences for young people in the future.

We are aware that many people will be affected financially by the Coronavirus pandemic and so will not be in a position to donate.  So, if you have made a booking, please do not delay in requesting your refund and we will process this as soon as we can. 

How to claim a Refund/make a Donation

If you have an existing booking for 2020, we need you to respond now, so please follow the link below to select one of these four responses:

  1. Full Refund please.
  2. Partial Refund please and make a donation to Contagious (that’s great, thank you!)
  3. Donate all my booking fees to the work of Contagious (Thank you so much!)
  4. Hold all my booking fees towards my 2021 booking.
Respond Now

Step One: If you have an existing 2020 booking please click on the button below to Login in to My Orders (or locate your orders via the ‘Log in’ on the menu above)

Step Two: Click ‘Manage‘ and then ‘Edit Information‘ to open the refund/donation options

Step Three: Select one of the four options, then ‘SAVE

Please repeat for each attendee you have ordered.

Login to My Orders

Everyone who has booked Contagious 2020 will receive an email that will take you directly to the response form for each attendee, so please follow the link in the email.

When will I receive my Refund?

If you have selected a full or partial refund using the ‘Respond now‘ process above, we will credit your refund as swiftly as we can to your payment card. If you respond before the 21st April we will process your refund by 30th April.

We will not be able to make any refunds without you first completing the ‘Respond now process.

Can I still get my T shirt?

Sadly, we are not able to fulfil T-shirt orders until next year. Refunds for merchandise will be included in whichever option you choose above in the ‘Respond Now‘ selection.

If you choose for Contagious to ‘Hold’ your payment until next year and you included a T-shirt order in your original registration, then the money will be put towards your booking fee for 2021. We will send you an email later this year to confirm your booking for 2021, when you will be able to select a T-shirt – as it is likely that your child will grow a lot in one year so sizes may change and others will be moving up to a different conference.

What will my donation be used for?

Contagious exists to bring glory and praise to God by being…

  • Passionate about God’s Word – declaring the good news of Jesus
  • Serious about Young People – encouraging them to be faithful followers of Jesus
  • Committed to Local Church – recognising its role in making disciples of Jesus

Your donation will go to ensuring that the work of Contagious continues to grow for years to come. If you would like more information about the growth, feedback and plans for Contagious, you can read our Directors report following the 2019 events here.

Michael Tinker has recently taken on the role as our Children’s Ministry Director, but unfortunately we have had to postpone the launch of ADVENTURE until 2021. We will continue to develop the 8-10’s ministry and grow new camps.

We are so thankful for our dedicated small staff team who give much more than their employment requires. We need to ensure that the work is sustainable and that our admin team grows to accommodate the increasing numbers of attendees.  We had planned to expand our team with a new Communications Assistant and Finance Manager in April, but those appointments have been postponed. With your support we hope to grow our communications via social media and reach out more to young people. The new Finance Manager will enable Dudley (our current Finance Manager) to lead the Operations Team and enhance our administration processes. We really need to invest in the organisation to facilitate the growing and hugely important ministry of Contagious.

We are so grateful to everyone who has given towards the work of Contagious. If you would like further help on making a donation please click here.

May God comfort and protect you now and always.