The Contagious Leadership recognises the importance of its ministry to children, young people & vulnerable adults (delegates) and its responsibility to protect and safeguard the welfare of all those entrusted to the care of Contagious.

Mission Statement

As part of its mission, Contagious Bible Ministries is committed to:

  • Valuing, listening to and respecting all children and young people, herein after called ‘delegates’. We will also promote their welfare and protection and seek to safeguard them from harm.
  • Safe recruitment, supervision and training for all the Leaders and TaskForce within Contagious Bible Ministries.
  • Adopting and following a procedure for reporting and dealing with concerns about possible abuse.
  • Encouraging and supporting parents/carers.
  • Supporting those affected by abuse at Contagious events or in a different environment.
  • Maintaining good links with the statutory childcare authorities and other organisations, including following specialist guidelines.

As Christians, we are called to the highest standards in every area of life. As a Christian organisation, Contagious seeks to ensure that everything is done in such a way as to honour God and commend the gospel. Conversely, nothing should be done or allowed which brings the name of the Lord into disrepute. We must, therefore, act responsibly in our work with all delegates.

Safeguarding has a high priority within Contagious.  We are also concerned to protect Contagious Leaders and TaskForce from acting in ways that could be misunderstood or leave them open to allegations of abuse.


Contagious Bible Ministries leadership recognises the need to provide a safe and caring environment for all delegates.  It also acknowledges that delegates can be the victims of physical, sexual and emotional abuse and neglect.  The Contagious Core Team has put in place procedures set out in our Safeguarding Policy.  It also recognises the need to build constructive links with statutory and voluntary Safeguarding agencies.  The policy with its practice guidelines has been checked and approved by Christian Safeguarding Services (CSS) who support Contagious with our safe recruitment, training and advice.  The Contagious leadership undertake to file a copy of the policy and practice guidelines with the Contagious Conference Safeguarding Coordinator and Contagious administrator.

The Contagious Core Team is committed to ongoing Safeguarding training for all Leaders and TaskForce and will regularly review the operational guidelines.

The Contagious Core Team also undertakes to follow the principles found within the Abuse of Trust guidance issued by the Home Office. It is therefore unacceptable for those in a position of trust to engage in any behaviour which might allow a sexual relationship to develop for as long as the relationship of trust continues.

Please refer to the 2020-Contagious-Safeguarding-Policy for further details which include information relating to:

  • Responsibilities of all leaders including SUS Leaders and TaskForce Leaders
  • Our care of conference delegates
  • Supervision of delegate’s participation in activities
  • First Aid and Safety
  • Duty of care towards delegates to identify and prevent abuse and self-harm
  • Policies for electronic communications including social networks and photography and video
  • Procedures for dealing with incidents and accusations