TEAM: Qualities of a Leader

TEAM: Qualities of a Leader

What do you need to be part of the Contagious TEAM?

⇒ Personal Faith with Jesus
You need to be dependent on God’s grace alone for salvation through the person and work of Jesus and showing a deep trust and confidence in the Bible.
You need to be a regular attendee and committed to the ministries of a gospel believing local church where you are known to the leadership.  

 “An amazing week that’s been so encouraging with great teaching and caring leaders.” Cherry aged 16

⇒ Knowledge
 You need to have a clear understanding of the Christian gospel and a grasp of basic biblical theology.
You need to affirm the Contagious Statement of Faith without compromise, and demonstrate an understanding of bible-centered youth and children’s ministry.

⇒ Experience*
You should have experience of Christian youth or children’s ministry, or experience of working with children in secular context, where you demonstrated good relational skills, communication, appropriate conduct, and organisation.
You need to have a high level of discretion and sensitivity as they may become aware of difficult issues in a child’s or young person’s life and know when and where to seek help or guidance.
You need to have a knowledge of Contagious Bible Ministries and be willing to serve in Christian ministry.

⇒ Checks and References
We require a clear/acceptable DBS/PVG disclosure check as well as two positive references, including one from your local church leader.

 “I loved studying Song of Songs.  The honesty of the teachers was really helpful.  Also the amount of work that leaders put in and their care of us was so encouraging.” Susannah age 19

⇒ Personal Commitment
Contagious conferences require a lot of energy, enthusiasm and some physical ability – it is hugely rewarding and tiring! Leaders need to be in a place where they can physically, emotionally and spiritually give their time, energy and focus to the care and needs of the children and young people. 

We ask all our Team to attend a training day and give time to their own study and preparation before the conference. 

All our Team speak of their own appreciation and growth under the teaching of Contagious, but our first priority is to encourage, challenge, and serve the young people.

Furthermore, we ask our Team to pay the full costs of the conference so that the fees for the young people are not subsidising the Team.  However, if you are unable to pay the full fee we will support you with our Bursary fund. 

This all sounds heavy and demanding, but serving on Contagious is fulfilling, enlightening and you will make many wonderful friends.  Please read about the different Roles that are needed on TEAM:

TEAM roles and Responsibilities


*not expected for Practical roles like Administrator, Tech Team, Medical Supervisors or Support Team