TEAM lightning sale

TEAM lightning sale

Looking for a way to serve this summer? We would love to have you!

We are thrilled 258 have signed up to be on TEAM already!

We have particular need for TEAM on GO East, ADVENTURE East, GO South West and ADVENTURE South West, so for the next 2 weeks there is an EXTRA £100 off for these specific teams, using the coupon TEAM100. This brings the price for TEAM to £250.

Looking to join a different conference? – our early bird price applies to those (£350 until the end of April).


Go onto Brushfire and book onto one of the Conferences above. The deposit will look different (this is because all discounts are taken away from the cost of the deposit). £85 will automatically be taken off with the Early Bird Discount. At the checkout simply enter TEAM100 in the coupon section for an additional £100 off. The deposit is £100 for all TEAM, and the total cost for TEAM with this additional discount is £250.

Yes you can – we would love to have more TEAM at each Conference, the Conferences above are those which have a particular need for more TEAM. The TEAM100 coupon will only work for these Conferences, but our early bird discount will apply at every Conference until the end of April.

Click on the link here to book onto Contagious for 2024.

Click here to find out more about what serving on TEAM looks like, or fill in the form below to get in touch with us. We’d love to answer any questions!