Update from the Contagious Director

Update from the Contagious Director

Dear all,

Thank you for your ongoing support of Contagious.

In recent announcements the Government have lifted some of the Covid restrictions and we were hopeful that Contagious could run normally.  However, we have heard recently that the youth sector are likely to remain under Covid restrictions over the summer in order to protect schools in September.  This means we may not be permitted to organise large residential groups and now need to start making plans for smaller separate groups.

According to the National Youth Agency (NYA), the group sizes permitted for residentials after 21st June are likely to be significantly less than the numbers we are expecting at Contagious.   We can have more than one group at each venue, but they need to remain separate with no mixing or social contact.  Therefore, we are considering running multiple small residential events that are shorter than currently planned to accommodate all those currently booked. Although plans may now have to change, we are still aiming to provide great teaching and fun activities so that everyone gains from a positive experience, while also abiding by the Government rules and regulations to reduce the risks of transmitting the coronavirus.

We will provide more information regarding our plans as soon as we can, so please be patient with us at this stage.  There will be opportunities for you to ask questions when we are in a position to share more details.

Please pray for our leadership team as we navigate through this uncertainty.  We trust the Lord will continue to build his church during these testing times.

Every blessing,

Nick Jackman
Director of Contagious