Welcome to Contagious Max Central

Welcome to Contagious Max Central


Please aim to arrive at Monkton Combe School between 2pm – 3.30pm on Saturday 22nd July. More details of where to drop off and park is available in the email that has been sent out to parents.

Please be aware that there are planned train strikes on Saturday 22nd July. We have set up a WhatsApp group where you can get in touch with other MAX parents to try and share lifts where possible. If you would like to join this group please contact our Admin TEAM.

The registration desk will be in the Assembly Hall, and parking is easy in the visitor car park.


The young people’s rooms have between 1 and 6 bed/s each with bathroom/shower facilities nearby.  We will locate young people in their small group (SUS group) in rooms together; their leader will be in a room nearby.  We will do our best to meet your sharing requests, but this is not always possible.  All bedding is provided but please bring a towel.

Each boarding house has a big common room which is good for meeting friends, playing games and hanging out.  Leaders will always be nearby to chat and facilitate the fun and games.


  • Fancy dress for our murder mystery – Tropical Paradise. There will also be opportunity to buy fancy dress/accessories in charity shops during our day in Bath.
  • Smart clothes for our final night ceilidh.
  • Musical instruments for playing in the band / afternoon jamming sessions (please remember that these are brought at your own risk).
  • Swimming gear for the swimming pool.
  • NIV Bible 2011. Please bring a physical copy rather than an electronic one. All young people will be given a copy of John’s gospel at the Conference.
  • Pens for writing notes.
  • A water bottle with your name on.
  • A towel. Bedding is provided.
  • Bank card for tuck and book shop: This year at MAX we will be CARD ONLY for our tuck and book shops, we would love them to still be accessible to all if they would like to – debit cards are available at most banks from 11 years old, but if your young person doesn’t have a bank card, there are pre-paid cards available such as Go Henry (Gohenry.com – prepaid card with an app) that you may want to take a look into.
  • On Tuesday we’ll be spending the day in Bath where the young people will have lots of options available to them like (charity) shopping, the cinema, coffee shops and crazy golf.
  • Supply of any medication needed
  • Shoes for indoors and other outdoor footwear
  • Any sports equipment or games (at your own risk)
  • Please do not bring any snacks that contain nuts as we have others attending who have severe nut allergies


On Friday 28th of July we’d love to invite you, the parents/carers, to our Farewell Meeting which will start at 11:30am in the Assembly Hall.

From 12:15 – 1pm we will have a picnic lunch together – all welcome! (Lunch will be provided for the young people but we ask that parents bring their own) with departures at 1pm.


We are hoping to take some general photos or video during the week that may be used for publicity, uploaded on our website or shared on social media sites. If you have particular concerns about social media, photographs or publicity, please inform the Contagious Team by emailing admin@contagious.org.uk.


All the above information should be completed was part of your booking form.  Please contact Lisa Wheatley. if there is any up to date information or change of circumstances, recent medication or pastoral concerns that were not included on the form.


I’m sure we will have no issues, but we would like to remind you of the Booking Terms & Conditions that you agreed to when booking online; this will ensure that you are aware of what behaviour is expected during the week.


In the event of an emergency please contact Rosie on
07769 873 558 or Pete on
07898 290 575. Please only use these numbers during the week away for urgent matters.

If you have any questions about any of the Contagious ministries, please fill in the form below.