Welcome to Contagious Max Scotland/North

Welcome to Contagious Max Scotland/North


Contagious MAX ScoNo runs from Saturday 22nd July through to Friday 28th July at Barnard Castle School, Newgate, Barnard Castle, County Durham, DL12 8UN

Please aim to arrive between 3.30pm – 4pm on Saturday 22nd July. Our Welcome Meeting will start at 5pm.

Upon arrival head for ‘Reception’ and you will be welcomed at our registration table. For those adults dropping off young people we invite you to stay for some refreshments. The young people will be welcomed and introduced to their leaders and new friends before our Welcome Meeting at 5pm.


Barnard Castle School is a great venue which is ideally suited to Contagious as it combines good accommodation, tasty food, good teaching spaces and excellent sports facilities.  We know this will be a home for Contagious for many years!

Young people are in dorm rooms. The female dorms are all single capacity, with the male dorms in twos and threes, with one six person dorm. All bedding is provided but please bring a towel. Bathroom/shower facilities are nearby. We will locate young people in their small group (SUS group) in rooms together; their leader will be in a room nearby.  We will do our best to meet your sharing requests, but this is not always possible.

Contagious has the use of the sixth form centre which is a great common room space to play games and hang out. We also have an upstairs common room which we use together with the sixth form centre for “toast o’clock” each evening.


  • Bible (New International Version) NOT electronic Bibles on phones etc.
  • Pens – all young people will be provided with a teaching booklet that they will be able to make notes in throughout the week but if they prefer they can bring along a notebook.
  • A card for tuck/book shop – we will also have a trip into Barnard Castle on one of the afternoons.
  • Supply of any medication needed plus any up to date information written down
  • Towels (bedding is provided).
  • Water bottle with name on
  • Toiletries, sun cream
  • Pyjamas
  • Clothes suitable for all weathers!
  • Fancy dress for the Ceilidh on the last night – the theme for this year is PIRATES.
  • A white t-shirt that you don’t mind getting marked for our colour wars.
  • Shoes for indoors and other outdoor footwear
  • Any sports equipment, games or musical instruments (at your own risk).
  • Mobile phone and charger (optional).
  • PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ANY SNACKS THAT CONTAIN NUTS as we have others attending who have severe nut allergies

I’m sure we will have no issues, but we would like to remind you of the Booking Terms & Conditions that you agreed to when booking online; this will ensure that you are aware of what behaviour is expected during the week.


On Friday 28th of July we ask for your to pick up your young person after 1.30pm and by 2pm. Young people will be provided with a packed lunch to take away with them.


We are hoping to take some general photos or video during the week that may be used for publicity, uploaded on our website or shared on social media sites. If you have particular concerns about social media, photographs or publicity, please inform the Contagious Team by emailing admin@contagious.org.uk.


All the above information should be completed was part of your booking form.  If you have booked onto Contagious MAX but have not completed this form, please do so immediately and email Lisa Wheatley.

Please also contact Lisa if there is any up to date information or change of circumstances, recent medication or pastoral concerns that were not included on the form, she will pass on all information to the medical supervisors for each Conference.

additional information

One one of the afternoons at MAX ScoNo we will have a trip into Barnard Castle. The young people can walk around the town in groups and go round the shops and cafés.

Each year MAX ScoNo ends with a Ceilidh. The Ceilidh is fancy dress the theme for this year is pirates.

We are seeking to go cashless at our MAX Conferences this year. Most banks allow bank cards from 11 years old, but if your young person doesn’t have a card then there are some pre-paid card options out there such as Go Henry.


In the event of an emergency during the week please contact Carrie (our administrator) on 07477 627 514.

If you have any questions about any of the Contagious ministries, please fill in the form below.

PRay for us

  • Our teaching leaders who prepare and lead the majority of our teaching at each Conference. Pray that they will have time and energy to prepare well and that they would be faithful and clear in their teaching.
  • Pray that the young people would feel welcomed and enjoy the week. Pray that the young people would see God’s glory revealed in Jesus more.
  • Pray for those young people anxious about spending time away from home. Pray that they would settle quickly into their small groups and that their leaders would be able to look out for them well.
  • Pray for the practical preparations for the camps. Pray that things would go smoothly so that the TEAM are able to focus on teaching and discipling young people.
  • Give thanks for all who have been helped by the Bursary Fund this year. Give thanks for the generosity of those who have given. Prayer for wisdom in the final weeks before the Conference that the Bursary would be given to the right people and that no one would be unable to attend due to cost.
  • Pray for gospel faithfulness from all TEAM and CREW; that we would proclaim the gospel fearlessly and faithfully.
  • Pray for CREW (our trainee leadership programme for 19-22s) that they would serve joyfully and would be well equipped to serve their churches back home. Pray that they would learn more about biblical leadership and return from Contagious with a deeper knowledge and love of Christ.
  • Pray for all the TEAM that they would have the energy to serve well during the week. Pray that they would rely on God’s strength and even as they teach young people that they would see more of Christ’s glory.