What parents say about Contagious…

What parents say about Contagious…

These are all the (good and bad) comments made by parents on the feedback received after our 2018 conferences.  If you completed the feedback forms, thank you for your helpful and encouraging comments.

Question: ‘Overall impression? Other comments?

Loved the teaching and handles her food allergies EXTREMELY well had a fantastic time!

Had a brilliant time!

Found the first day difficult, as didn’t know anyone. Settled in quickly though. Really enjoyed being able to take part in the music.

Really great and thank you!

The teaching as well as all the fun looks fantastic and my daughter has really enjoyed it all. She’s also been challenged by the teaching and has a clear understanding of Song of Solomon which is brilliant.

Lots that we can talk about and continue to consider going forward.

Although a couple of wobbles, my child thoroughly enjoyed it & was sad to leave & even sadder that for next year they’ve got to move up groups due to age range, as they had so much fun in this year’s group

He loved it

Sort out the wasps in the dormitories. Spend a little more time on each activity.

Still haven’t found out many details

Our children came back raving about all aspects, fun, games, food, singing and teaching – we as parents are raving about the fact our children get such spiritual encouragement, thank you!

My daughter loved it – she said the teaching was excellent, the activities were exciting, the venture into the village was much appreciated.

Overall she LOVED it – the format, leaders, kids, teaching, games, craft and chill activities, etc.

Thanks so much for all your work in organising it. But it was a shame her dormitory was so far away. And though not a fussy eater, she also did not enjoy all the meals and thought that some of the portion sizes were fairly small – therefore she was sometimes quite hungry.

He had a absolute fantastic time. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

He said he had nothing bad to say about it!

Absolutely loved it – great leaders, speakers, games, food was like a hotel!

Dorm leaders were brilliant,

Although struggled a little with friendship, overall loved it.

They both had a great time

She observed that it felt a little cliquey for first 3 days as larger church groups stayed together.

Coming from a small church group, she didn’t let it intimidate her and tried to be proactive

My 15-yr-old tends to find it a bit difficult at the beginning, as he comes on his own and not as part of a group. But this year he quickly got to know the folk around him and had a great time. I’m glad that the other folk there are open to meeting new people and don’t just stick with the members of their own home youth group.

Very fun and exciting

Excellent dorm leaders, fantastic teaching (we keep hearing about Jonty and Gareth) and building on fantastic friendships.

Fantastic experience but would like to be in a dormitory with more people her own age 

Would put higher score if could.

Always describes it as the best week of her year

Fantastic teaching, creatively and thoughtfully communicated

He can’t wait to go again next year! He enjoyed the games and small SUS talks.

Really enjoyed it

Second year attending and he absolutely loved it – even though he is normally quite shy and didn’t have a friend to attend with, he wanted to come.

She has loved it.

Although she felt that she preferred the teaching last year (she loves history) she preferred the overall week this year. I think this is due to a growth in confidence.

He has come home full of topics that he wants to explore further.

Pray Contagious will continue to improve our children and the youth enough to change this generation and the entire world for Jesus. We will like to express our gratitude to the founders and leaders for their hard work

Simply amazing! Second year of attending and he learns so much from the teaching.

Fantastic. Overwhelmed at seeing how God is working in our daughter’s life in a way which exceeds what might be possible within her local church. The opportunity to meet with other people her age and explore practical Christian faith issues, study the Bible and learn together has enabled her personal faith to grow so much and allow her to be better equipped to stand firm in the challenges she faces in the world today.

A brilliant experience.

Teaching amazing and people lovely.

My daughter would like to add that she it was her first contagious and she found the welcome very difficult. She felt very on her own and awkward until she was shown to her room, met room mates and given the timetable. She felt it might have been better for that to happen straight away rather than just stand waiting for so long.

We sent 3, they all loved it

Great fun

My son had a great time, made friends, felt very comfortable, but most of all grew in his walk with the Lord.

They always come back buzzing with what they have learnt

Our girls have loved every time they have come to West

Had a great time and reconnected with like minded friends from the year before.

Fantastic biblical teaching, good Christian role models, lots of fun

Fun and enjoy activities and big talks

O hasn’t said a great deal yet about his time away. He loved being with his Christian mates for a week- especially L and J from our own church and JL from Woodgreen. He seems to have also made other friends.

Delighted with the subject matter – teens need their solid meat and this was excellent.

She really loved it!

Enjoyed it all

My daughter fully enjoyed herself


They absolutely loved it and have talked about the holiday a lot over the last 3 weeks.

They absolutely loved it. Thoroughly enjoyed being on Nano last year and equally enjoyed being on the main contagious holiday this year too.

Really enjoyed it! Will definitely be coming again if he can. He found the teaching a bit long. saying “Too much school for a summer holiday ;)” Missed going on an off site adventure (Mainly because they went to a theme park before)

She really enjoyed the camp overall.

He is really excited about it and already looking forward to the next one. He felt the teachings were very rich and what he really needed.

She is really excited about the experience and already planning to attend the next one. she found the teachings and programs very good and edifying.

He said the teaching was really good- that was a highlight alongside all the other activities

She came back bubbling with enthusiasm – a wonderful balance of teaching, building friendships and having fun. She had taken notes, and came back with books-she has continued to study over the last few weeks. Thank you to all the leaders who make this such a wonderful experience for our children.

Daughter loved it. Keen to return. Engaged with the teaching.

She enjoyed the teaching very much, and loved the leaders, but struggled a little with the social environment and making genuine friendships.

Had a fantastic time, made some really great relationships.

Very motivating and thought provoking + met a great group of friends

Good leaders, friendly, quite a lot of teaching sessions,

He absolutely loves it and it is honestly the highlight of his year. The balance between teaching in large and small groups and the activities is perfect. There is something to suit all tastes in the activities. He’s really enjoyed making new friends over the years and looks forward to seeing them every summer. He keeps in touch with them via social media during the year too. He also really loves the camaraderie of the SUS group – huge thanks to Rob (who’s had to put up with him for 2 years in a row!) and Tim for their leadership this year.

First impressions are that it was a week of fun & learning. Good feedback from my son.

Excellent teaching

2 children had an amazing time and are waiting to book for next year!

She loved it. Looking forward to next year already.

Loved it

Had a good time. Enjoyed it more this year than last year.

Very happy good balance

My sister was incredibly nervous as she isn’t a Christian, isn’t from a church or even a Christian family & had never been before. When I picked her up she was buzzing about every aspect of Nano from the activities, the leaders, the teaching, the food! I was so encouraged as she’s said she’d love to come to Max (where I lead) next year. Absolutely overwhelmed that she’d come away from this week truly thinking about who Jesus is.

Wonderful! Keep up your good work, faithfully teaching the Word of God and genuinely caring for the young people! We are so thankful for finding Contagious! Children came back home full of encouragement and inspiration!


Fantastic week – children are both enthused and full of things they have learned and talked about.

Great relationships formed amongst members in sus groups.

I think this conference is wonderful, wish I could have attended something like it as a young person!

Solid teaching, lots of fun and time for teenagers to realise they’re not alone

He has loved it every year he’s been – Nano first and then Contagious East

Practically they really enjoyed the activities, they mentioned how they enjoyed Clayrama, rocket making, crocker, tie die etc etc. One very boring thing that you will be aware of is that they found tea early at 5.30 and were hungry by bedtime. Only bad thing was the arrival really. We had had a difficult journey and were swelteringly hot. We were an hour late which was our fault, there still seemed to be others arriving when we did. Just needed to hear the words Welcome to Contagious and would you like a drink as we were gasping! There were 3 empty water jugs on a trolley.

Both my daughters had a great time learning about the gospel, making new friends and seeing old ones.

Venue, teaching and activities were brilliant. Unfortunately, one of our children was very unhappy in his dorm, and this wasn’t picked up sufficiently by his dorm leaders.

They loved meeting up with friends from previous years as well as meeting new friends. They also valued the variety of activities; they raved about the food; they liked their sus group leaders (interestingly they liked the mix of a ‘mum’ age leader as well as a younger leader!) and came back singing the praises of the whole week! They have already been on the group chat making plans for next year!

They thoroughly enjoyed themselves. More importantly, they’ve told us all about what they learned about Jesus.

Great content, highly relevant, great atmosphere

She has had a fantastic time, made new friends, enjoyed the teaching


It was a spiritually formative camp for my boys. They thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from it. A few detailed comments are made below as specific observations.

E really got on well with her SUS group this year and felt that they were inclusive and friendly group who are going to be meeting up after the camp

He loved it! Loved the teaching, enjoyed SUS groups, loved the activities, great band a big highlight and inspiration. Many answers to prayer!

Overall good. Support re medical issues could have been much better.

Brilliant week- thoroughly enjoyed all aspects. The best teaching ever!

Question: Would you like to share how the teaching at Contagious has impacted your young person?

Amazing! Singing the memory verse in the car on the way home. Teaching her younger sibling it as soon as she arrived home. Being amazed about how God saves & that if James could do it, so can my child!
Came home stating it was really helpful
He took loads of notes and we are working through what he leaned in James. He led Our breakfast Bible time and shared what he had learned
He says, he knows he will face God’s judgement, so, he needs to prepare. I offered him a heat-resistant suit but he declined my offer.XD
Challenged them.
Both my sons have now been to Contagious Scotland several times and it has made a lasting impact on them, and one of them has spent time on several occasions with people from other cities that he met at Contagious. Strong Bible teaching and relationships seems to work in a good combination. 
They loved the teaching on James and learnt new things. Lots to think about
confident that God’s way makes sense
Lots of conversations about double-mindedness
Is thinking about how much You Tube he watches. Has unsubscribe from various links.
Confidence in Christ
She’s really thinking about how body image and social media can impact her without her even noticing and she’s grasping more of who Jesus is and why his way is far better.
Our children shared today one thing that struck them. Our oldest said how “we don’t need to try harder to be a Christian” and the other one said “if you mess up, you don’t have to become a Christian again, you can ask for forgiveness, the wedding/marriage illustration was helpful in the last talk. Jonty Alcock’s Friday talk was highlighted as really good. They also loved the memory verse song.
Reading Bible more and wanting to get baptised
I am delighted that my daughter was excited about the teaching. Amazing!
She has come back very encouraged and excited in her Christian faith, and clearly able to remember and pass on the Bible teaching!
He came back and said that he now knows that he is a Christian. Addiction is such a relevant topic and he told me what he has learned and he realised that he had a problem with an online game in the past.
Teaching was well received, greatly appreciated, thoroughly challenging
She loved the leaders and their care for her – and would love to return next year, primarily because of the relevance of the teaching to her life.
When he came home it was clear that he was still thinking about things that he had heard and learned while at Contagious. I’m sure that he is applying this new knowledge to his own daily life and I’m hugely encouraged by this.
He came back saying he felt more assured of his faith & wanted to make sure he read his Bible & prayed each day.
Helping her become more confident in what it means to live as a Christian.
Yes loved Jonty’s talks and was really keen to talk about what she’d learnt.
Deepened their faith
Learned a lot about Song of Songs, a new book for him
He said it was WOW and he learn so much. Went through his notes and explained it all with us- without us asking!. He was so enthusiastic. Wanting to learn more about God and Jesus and applying what learn to his life and friendships/peers and how relates to those- even when finds hard to like them. Leaders great role models.
He has asked to help out more at church. Our daughter sees the need to pray and share with her Christian peers.
Lots of questions and discussion at home.
Really made them think through their use of mobile phones, how they view themselves and compare with others. Given them boldness to stand up for Jesus and tell friends about him. Got clearer on the purpose of relationships and therefore more proactive in their perspective on this going forward.
I don’t know yet but he-wants to go again and take a friend so a positive impact!
Too early to say, but last year he was more enthused about church after. He was able to tell me about some of this year’s teaching and what had struck him, how he was hoping to change.
Still finding that out! But he said he didn’t realise how much there was to learn from the book of James.
She has been a changed child since she started 4yrs ago. She has rededicated herself to Christ. More Christian friends, which is fantastic.
On the way home we discussed addiction and the need to be aware of it but also to be aware that sin is insidious and often we are blind to the sins we are committing.
She enjoyed it, can tell me about it and has plans to put new things in place.
She is more certain and confident in her faith. She found it relevant and enjoyed it. She wants to make changes to her life to live her faith.
They’ve all come back enthusiastic and challenged. All the teaching seems to have been well pitched and relevant. The Q&A time in West was particularly helpful and Simon’s sermons were also a highlight apparently. Lots of thanks to the team.
He learnt that God is always there
I was very thankful that the leader shared with me (or helped guide my son to share with me) what he had learned (wrestled with) this week. Sometimes they can be so tired that they don’t share those things. Chris asked C in front of me “What was your biggest thing you struggled with this week?” He told him “I have something in mind but I want to see if you think the same thing.” C then told me how he struggled with the rich young ruler. He said that he likes to plan things and had planned some of his future, but he realised that God may have different plans and although the desire he has for his future isn’t bad, that he can’t be upset if God has other plans for him, because his plans are best.
My youngest said that studying James “hurt.” The book highlighted a life that did not match up, was what I believe he meant.
He learnt how Christ sees us as we are and still loves us. He had a fantastic time, thank you.
Somewhat overwhelmed (slightly traumatised!!) by Song of Solomon’s
He has been more helpful around the home (faith in action). I wonder how long it will last!
A reminder that living a Godly life is always going to be a struggle, but grateful for the resources (Jesus, Bible, Contagious etc) that make it manageable 🙂
She says that before Contagious she had ‘dead faith’ (thought she was a Christian) but now she has ‘living faith’
It has really made her think and change some of the ideas she held.
Have had a number of spiritual conversations about the teaching with my daughter. She has been keener to read her bible since returning.
A number of serious conversations with my son about the challenges of living pure lives in the social media world. Has been challenged about how he spends his time and how things can easily become idols.
I loved that the teaching was on James because he has never done a teaching series on that kind of book. He very much thinks he knows most of whats in the bible – so I think it was good to do something really new for him, even if the content wasn’t foreign – it was different. He was struck by the sin being a smashed glass rather than a single brick out the wall and was able to articulate it perfectly (bettter than what I’ve just written 😉
She feels she is quicker to ask God for help when she is struggling eg with patience or peace.
Both of my children keep sharing what they have learnt and tell us about the richness of their group. T felt that the teachings were really deep.
We have been referring to the teachings. it has a lasting impact on her and the brother who was at the nano
He has talked about it- I think it has rooted him in gospel truths that will help him when at school, with non-Christian friends etc.
It is always great to see our three come back from Contagious with a renewed enthusiasm for the gospel and their love for Jesus
Our daughter found all the teaching on addiction to social media, drinking etc really helpful and strengthened her resilience to cope when she is back at sixth form college, not surrounded by Christians. She finds it a very isolating experience being at sixth form college with friends who are always questioning her faith, so having significant input for a week has helped her feel like she is prepared spiritually…as much as one can be?! for the year ahead.
Stretched her knowledge of the Bible. Let her see that lots of others take Bible seriously and really dig in.
It has helped her to have a better understanding of how different things impact and influence her life. It helped her to focus and take responsibility for the things that she spends her time, looking money, energy etc on, to get a better perspective of what things are important and worthwhile. She has started a new daily bible study routine and has also asked to be baptised.
She’s definitely very much more aware of her responsibility as a Christian, the choices she makes and what is going on in her own heart as a result of this year’s Contagious teaching.
The main learning point for her was determining the difference between worldly wisdom and Godly wisdom. She feels the challenge will be applying this on returning to school.
Strengthened his faith and helped with some issues he has recently faced
They have shown more interest in learning and increased confidence to share what they are learning with other people.
They seem to have taken in the teaching and be applying it to their life, which is encouraging to see
He doesn’t say a lot about it but during the year odd comments will come out like “we learned about that at contagious “ so I know he’s been listening and taking it in. From a parents point of view we like the fact that he has the chance to meet and discuss things with people other than those at our own church. He can be totally himself and ask questions and not feel like we know about it. He also thinks the contagious leaders are cool so he’s far more likely to listen to them then to us!! As parents we also thought the topic this year was inspired and very relevant. Our young people are pulled in so many directions and it was good to know that there was going to be sound Christian teaching about the issues they face on a daily basis. Thank you.
Early to say – but was really moved by the singing and teaching. Has just shared the memory verse song from the week. Amazing.
So glad you tackled ‘addictions’. A great choice. Really necessary to help these youngsters.
Too early to say- has been impressed by SUS group leaders and those interviewed.
She felt it was excellent, she understood faith leads to actions and is keen to live out what she has learnt. Booklets helped her take good notes that we are talking through.
M may have not become a Christian but she’s excited and enthusiastically discussing who Jesus is and what he has done. I pray that this resonates in her to see it’s for her and can come to Christ.
He says it has changed the way he thinks about himself
Just the encouragement she needed in hanging onto Jesus whilst battling body image problems, perfectionism, anxiety, etc.
My daughter has come home desiring to fill her day with more gospel – music, studying, quiet time. I’m hoping once term starts again that this desire will be possible to carry out.
Early days at this point!
I have noticed a real transformation in him, he seems very much at peace with himself. He was very keen to share what he had learned with us, and has been eager to read his Bible and hear God’s word (and talk about it).
Has made them more certain of the truth of the gospel
He has come back inspired and enthused each year; and has also enjoyed the company of leaders and friends from places other than home.
We were thrilled at how much our children enjoyed the teaching, we’ve never known a camp where the teaching has impacted them so much. Jonty made a huge impression especially. One of our children went to camp longing to play fortnight at any opportunity (we probably never should have got it in the first place). I was very burdened by this. He came back and (with nothing said by us) had no desire to play it whatsoever and has since informed us he doesn’t want to play it any more. I can only think this is a spiritual thing and his heart and mind were so filled with Jesus that other less helpful things were brought into focus.
They really enjoyed studying James and it was a great choice of book for them. It is a lot of teaching and I love the godly desire and ambition of this. The main meetings were always well received but they did find some of the smaller groups more arduous at times. They are younger kids and it is desperate to sit in a boring, achey bible discussion. Pace is key and sometimes less is more at this age. We asked all our 3 what had worked and what didn’t and it wasn’t as simple a certain slot which hadn’t worked – some loved the SUS slots and one didn’t. Ditto the I struck gold. I think it all came down to whether leaders were able to get the tone and feel right. One son loved being in Jeab’s group and especially enjoyed the ISG sessions. One of ours loved the fact their SUS group was outside and said she really enjoyed that. One of ours found it hard that their group was held a long way away in a far off classroom? and they had found that isolating and felt “out of it” plus they’d found SUS a struggle with awkward silences etc although they had enjoyed the I stuck gold more. It is lovely that the leaders do a “one to one” with the children at the end of the camp. They found it best when it was flagged up to them that this would be happening so that it’s perfectly natural, say they can share as much or little as they like, say the kinds of things you’d like to ask them. This happened for two of ours and they enjoyed the chats. One got kind of sprung on and found that more awkward. I really don’t mean to criticise as am incredibly grateful that his desire was to help my child spiritually! Music was clearly used brilliantly and they loved the singing and the memory verse etc etc. Really fantastic to get the children up playing too. It was also really lovely how you got children up from different contexts/churches and interviewed them. SO fantastic and powerful for them. This is also tremendously strengthening for Co-mission as a network. One friend of our children’s is from a tough home situation. It is just wonderful that he came this year, he really enjoyed it and wants to come next year. Praise God.
He has strong gaming interest and the seminar series has made him think that he is focusing to much on play and not enough on school work.
They always looking forward to the learning more about the scriptures with like minded youngsters
Very useful for returning to school, college and university. They all felt it lacked the doctrinal weight of previous years, particularly at West.
Lots of family conversations since – especially about ‘Hooked’
As an immediate observation- our girls have been on their phones less and have been quite reflective about social media and its impact on their well being. They were very open about the content of the sessions and whilst they have not talked at length about them- the sessions on body image and identity has been important- as 14 year old girls attending a single sex grammar school- the issues around self worth, self esteem, identity, appearance and having an unshakable belief in their identity in Christ is exactly what they needed to hear! They were less affected by the sessions on gaming, sex etc but equally they need to understand temptation affects people differently and how to respond to this as part of a community!
They seem more engaged in their daily Bible study. They’re keen to invite their friends to know more.
Encouraged him to keep going as a Christian
She really loved the teaching and went through all the weeks teaching with us at the end and said that the teaching was the highlight for her.
He said he felt his faith had deepened as a result of being at Contagious East this year.
Thank you
It’s made her think more about how she spends her time and has made her think about the importance of spending time with God
Increased confidence and initiative in praying into situations
The boys were buoyant when I collected them from the station. Both boys are clear in their faith, and the younger one appears to have made a profession while he was at camp.