Below is some of the feedback of parents from Contagious 2023.

We are so thankful to all the parents/carers of the young people at Contagious for their thoughtful feedback and spend time each Autumn reading through it all and using it to help shape our Conferences each year.

The activities

[He] came back buzzing. He loved swimming and it sounds like there was a thoughtful range of options- from lively games to chilling/Lego/reading for those needing down time.

She loved it all, had a fantastic time! Especially loved water games, colour wars and blitz.

The board games went down a real treat – we have been playing Codenames heaps since! 

Great mix of in depth study and fun activities (the reason we chose Contagious!)

So impressed with the schedule and keeping kids busy and engaged in different ways over the week! A big thank you to the team!

The Teaching

He found it super engaging and has been telling me all about the puppets. He also has been singing all the songs on Alexa with enthusiastic action performance!
Definitely get the impression he was engaged throughout. I can also see from his booklet how he was taking onboard what was being taught.

So thankful for the amazing teaching – our kids came back fired up and talking about all that they’d learnt so it had ‘gone in’!

They found it engaging, challenging and helpful!

Loved reading through the book of John. He (& sisters in Crew) came home really encouraged.

The song the leaders sing every morning to wake them up is especially memorable. They came home and both were eager to tell us what they have learnt in the book of John, which was great. Their enthusiasm for God’s word was really encouraging.

We were thrilled that our son said the best part of the camp was the teaching. Thank you and praise the Lord.

The boys were positive about the teaching, the level it was aimed at, and the methods of engagement. It was great to know they were receiving in depth teaching in a context which they felt able to share and engage with it.

My daughter was both spiritually challenged and encouraged by the teaching – thank you so much!

[He] said the teaching was awesome and it really encouraged him and strengthened his faith. It was the best thing about the camp for him.

Was great to hear the songs, verses and teaching from my son over the week!! Brilliant!


SUS groups, main teaching and activities.

Big teach, Zumba, playing footie in the rain, night activities… – they really love it all!

The whole thing! 

Water games!

Playing rounders, Playing cricket in the breaks.

Fun with friends and great teaching. It’s wonderful for our children to be on a camp with lots of Christian teenagers where the leaders are open to teaching counter cultural biblical truths. Our teenagers feel very encouraged and it’s wonderful for them see leaders living for Jesus.

The Big teach (and the breakfast).

Making new friends.

Big teach, activities, spending time with friends.

The bible teaching and developing relationships with some of his sus group leaders.

So many to choose, loved so many aspects.

Combination of the teaching (in all the different formats) and the activities (sporty, arty, murder mystery, ceilidh etc) and the love from the leaders – so everything but the rain really!!!

[She] has no Christian friends of her own age where we live and worship. She loved being with other youngsters who were enthusiastic for the Lord and His Word.

Impact of the teaching

We believe that as God’s Word is faithfully taught that God will change hearts and lives. Please do be praying for the impact of the teaching on our young people each year – it is why we do what we do!

A fab basis of God’s truth to build from. I can see from the notes [he] was recognising it’s faith, not works which brings you to Gods kingdom.

Praying for long term fruit but some good and significant discussion and more engagement with Bible and prayer.

Huge – now reading Bible more intentionally. 

She has returned eager to get stuck into church and God’s word. She feels more prepared for the year head and her move to sixth form college and describes herself as more confident in Jesus.

They are digging into the Bible more themselves. 

Provided a stretch and increased maturity in talking about what they’ve learned. They are keen to replicate at church by taking notes etc. 

Continuing to build a strong foundation and framework in the gospel; continues to help make sense of life, living for God in a tough culture.

I could see that [my son] was amazed at the depth and breadth of the bible’s teaching, especially when you sit down over a few days and really dig into it. He has not had that before, and I think he now appreciates why scripture is so central to the Christian walk.

Living in an increasing secular and anti-God world whose worldview is so far removed from biblical truth, highlights how important and essential good theology/teaching is needed for our children.

She is persisting in reading the Bible daily and thinking and talking through things with us. 

They told us they had grown so much in their faith from the teaching they received. They were excited to share the gospel with their friends when they returned to school.

[She] is thinking about Christianity and the Bible much more, asking questions and discussing her ideas.

Other comments

He came back fully engaged with the sessions and full of enthusiasm for what he had learnt. He is desperate to come back next year.

We are so grateful for all the team does. Contagious has been so significant for our kids and we are so thankful for you all and for all that God is doing and has done through your faithful service.

Thanks again for a wonderful Contagious, it is the highlight of the year for our kids!

Thank you for a brilliant week, she had a wonderful time! She really enjoyed spending time with other Christians, both leaders and young people, and it seemed to give her a boost to have time away in that context which is lovely to see. Really appreciate all the effort and hard work that is put in to make it such a great event.

A huge thank you. Our two sons have been incredibly blessed by Contagious over the years. We are so thankful for such an emphasis on teaching from the Scriptures, it is such an important foundation. And it is also very helpful in building friendships. Thank you to everyone who makes it possible, for the immense amount of time and energy you give to make it such an amazing week and of such quality. I hope there is rest for you soon!

Delighted that her first camp was so wonderful. Can’t wait to rebook!

My kids had a wonderful time at Contagious. They thoroughly enjoyed the in depth Bible teaching and had so much fun doing the activities.

Contagious has been a lifeline for my children in terms of giving them fantastic teaching and the opportunity to mix with other young people from similar backgrounds to theirs. They love Contagious and have made some great friends who they meet up with during the year.

Thank you so much to all the team for putting on a brilliant week- really appreciate your faithful and cheerful service!

They are both really encouraged in their faith by attending Contagious – a really great way to prepare them for the next steps

Thanks so much to all the leaders for an amazing week. Camp is central to our kids spiritual lives as the rest of the year is hard work for them at a small rural church. We love that they are hearing the gospel and seeing it modelled and that they get to spend time with other young people from Christian homes.

One of her first requests to us when we collected her was to come again next year. I think she will look forward to it all year! Thank you so very much to you all for your dedication, hard work, and sacrificial giving of time to run such a vital and helpful camp. We are so grateful.

A huge thank you to the whole team, all your hard work and time and care for our young people is really appreciated.