Young People

Young People

Below are some of the comments from our young people at each Conference in 2023. All our young people’s feedback is invaluable and we go through it for each Conference to help improve year on year.

The Teaching

I liked the sign language that Tash taught us to help us remember the points we learnt about in John… I also think that the talks and the evening ones in particular were very engaging and interesting. – Miriam, GO Central

The talks were really good. – Will, GO ScoNo

I really liked it and it was very engaging. – Grace, GO ScoNo

The big teaches were good length and very powerful message . Singing was amazing. Enjoyed seminars. – Anna, MAX ScoNo

All preachers were very helpful in interpreting and explaining the passages. – Young person, MAX ScoNo

Very passionate and applicable which I love. – Esther, MAX ScoNo

You could tell the speakers really believed what they were saying which was really inspiring and helped me get excited about God’s Word. – Hannah, MAX ScoNo

It was amazing and drew me in and made me thirsty for God. – Young person, GO West

Leaders were fantastic and really fun, and the big teaches were incredible as always! It was really nice to delve deeper into God’s word and to discover Jesus’s character more. I loved the contagious song as always, and now have it permanently stuck in my head! – Florence, MAX West

Really enjoyed them! It was fun with enjoyable activities but also clear and straightforward! – Bethel, GO West

I really liked how engaging and varied it is, the speaker was really good, the booklets were good giving space for writing. I liked how there were different teaching styles (seminars, studies, talks) to engage the different ways people learn and be inclusive. – Young person, MAX South West

It was great to hear from a range of speakers from different churches. I also had the chance to revisit John and hear it spoken in a different way, revealing new things about our Lord and Saviour. – Bethan, MAX East

I would have come back to contagious for the teaching alone! It was the highlight of the week, especially the big teach in the evening, it was awesome to be able to worship together, read God’s word, and be taught what it means for us, and how we can apply it to our everyday lives, to give glory to God! – Abbie, MAX West

The Activities

They were all super fun and I really enjoyed it. – Will, GO ScoNo

I like the approach taken for the afternoon activities with multiple choices at multiple times and thought that the after darks were fantastic especially the colour wars and the pirate ceilidh. – David, MAX ScoNo

The energy the leaders have is so great, really makes it so enjoyable!! – Emily, MAX ScoNo

I really enjoyed the wide range in activities. – Nathan, MAX ScoNo

Super fun! Having a mix of indoor and outdoor after dark activities, as well as a mix of more and less active games helped make sure they were inclusive and fun for everyone. – Rebecca, MAX ScoNo

Thanks for the activities! They were brilliant, especially the experience. Thanks Rob! – Josh, MAX South West

I particularly enjoyed water sports and sus challenge, the wide range of activities was really great. – Young person, MAX West

There was a good variety of activists allowing you to be active or relax. All activities were well run and were extremely enjoyable. The volleyball was really fun. – Rebekah, MAX West

The activities were very enjoyable and active. They allowed me to grow a stronger friendship with the people in my SUS group and I was able to meet new people when put into different groups. – Miriam, MAX Central

I loved the water games and the wide game. Also the calligraphy in the creative lounge was really fun. – Young person, MAX East

It was great to have a chance to get to know new Christian friends through a range of different activities. – Bethan, MAX East

They were great, really fun and all inclusive. – Lily, GO East

Influence of the teaching

Good reminder of a lot and always remember God loves you. – Joel, MAX ScoNo

Encouraged me to keep going, and to see more of who Jesus is and what he’s done/doing. – Jazz, MAX Central

It has encouraged me to keep growing as a Christian. – Young person, MAX Central

Made me want to spend more time in the word. – Ifeanyi, GO ScoNo

Contagious had definitely encouraged me to get more stuck into my bible in the coming year, as well as to focus on glorifying God in my everyday life. – Florence, MAX West

It had encouraged me and taught me how much God love us. – NJ, GO East

I am going to remember that God is in control and that we don’t have to worry. – Riley, GO Central

It has been very encouraging to see so many Christians my age and spend time with each other learning about the Lord. – Josh, MAX South West

It makes me excited to go to church! – Madeline, GO ScoNo

I feel encouraged and strengthened, equipped and sent out. – Ethan, MAX East

It really encourages me to meet other Christians my age who struggle with the same things as me. – Emma, MAX ScoNo

It has helped me be more confident in my faith. – Esme, GO ScoNo

It has reassured me and given me a deeper understanding and love for the Lord Jesus Christ. – Ella, MAX West

I have been challenged in so many areas of my life, and have come back with a realisation that I need to strive to glorify God in every circumstance. – Beth, MAX ScoNo

It was encouraging to have some older people being enthusiastic about Jesus there as I’ve not really had that before. It gave me a shove to think about things more seriously for myself. -Eleanor, MAX South West

Contagious has had a huge impact on my faith, it’s incredible to be with other Christians in a space like that where we can grow together as a family. It’s also a huge annual boost in my relationship with God especially in the difficult world we live in and have to navigate. – Toby, MAX West


The refugee experience, the campfire and the evening meetings. – Young person, MAX South West

Colour wars. – Young person, GO ScoNo

Singing, football, teaching and Just Dance. – Young person, MAX ScoNo

Getting to know Jesus more. – Jemima, GO South West

The whole community at Contagious – it was nice being surrounded by people who have the same belief and being surrounded by christian friends. – Erin, MAX East

The singing and the fellowship with other Christians and learning so much! – Hannah, MAX ScoNo

The songs in the meetings. – Joy, GO East

Talking with my friends and the young leaders. – Ollie, MAX Central

Zumba and campfire. – Grace, MAX West

Seeing all the leaders and all my friends again and the teaches. – Alicia, GO ScoNo

Catching up with friends, having fun times together, and learning more about how to live for God’s glory. – Florence, MAX West

Being surrounded by christians and seeing familiar faces back again. – Nathan, MAX ScoNo

There are so many options- I loved the song-writing, the water games, the evening teaching, and the talent show. – Harry, MAX West

The Ceilidh/disco, the wet games and the great teaching from the passage of John. – Miriam, MAX Central

Football – crew and leaders vs campers. – James, MAX ScoNo

Probably the card games and the water fight and also the pick and mix. – Bethel, GO West

Murder mystery, rounders, Ceilidh, Bath, volleyball. – Sarah, MAX Central

The evening activities. – Marianne, GO East

I really enjoyed sitting around the campfire, but the singing in the Big Teaches were my favourite. – Rosie, MAX West