Youth Reviews

Youth Reviews

Contagious Scotland 2018 – Hooked
Contagious Scotland group singing theme song.

“So enjoyed all of the teaching – Song of Songs was so good. Seeing how being in union with Christ is better than any relationship or addictive thing.”  Lucy age 14

“Amazing week, learned so much!  Can’t wait ’til next year!”Eilidh age 18

“Enjoyed every minute! I’ve learnt so much about viewing things of the world with realism and that nothing can bring the perfection of shalom but Jesus.  Thank you.”Lucy age 14

“Fantastic worship! Extremely encouraging.”Callum age 18

“A really encouraging week that has helped me to grow spiritually and I feel more confident about knowing how to deal with my potential addictions.”Elise age 17

“Amazing week.  Defo coming back next year!”Paul age 15

 “Great! Thank you very much. I enjoyed myself very much.”Suzanne age 17

“Really fun conference and lovely people.”Rachael age 14

Contagious Nano Scotland 2018 – James Punching Preacher
Nano Scotland after paint wars

“I loved the rhymes that went with the teaching because it stuck in my head.”  Emma age 13

“Really good week.  Great fun, learned a lot.  AMAZING!”Anon

“Amazing! Gonna miss it!”Anna age 11

“Absolutely Amazeballs! My highlight was learning more about God’s character and how gracious he is.  Contagious is amazing, thank you!”Kuzamium age 11

“I loved Contagious.  It was challenging and has encouraged me to do daily Bible readings.”Rebekah age 13

“You guys are amazing and it was such a blessing to be here and learn with you!”Claire age 13

“Going to come back next year!”Anon

“Nano has been amazing and has helped me meet new friends my age who are Christians.”Heidi age 12

“I loved Nano. It was more serious than other camps I’ve been to (which is good) and twice as fun! I LOVED IT!”Ella Age 12

“I loved it all.  It was so much fun and encouraging!”Pheobe age 12

“Enjoyed every minute!”Jacob age 11

Contagious West 2018 – Hooked
Contagious West group photo

“Amazing teaching! Appropriate in every way and it was very challenging and encouraging.  My highlight of the year.”Daniel age 18

 “An amazing week that’s been s encouraging with great teaching and caring leaders.” Cherry aged 16

“Hooked has been my favourite topic so far of my last six years of Contagious – the topic was so current and relatable.” Hannah age 18

 “Came to Contagious expecting to feel left out and lonely, but was greatly surprised. The teaching was so awesome as they gave ways to apply the truth to our lives.”  Kelsey age 14

 “Really liked having mixed SUS groups of boys and girls. It worked well.”Hannah age 18

“Different styles of teaching were great.  Kickbacks were really good!” Charlotte age 19

“An Amazing week and one of the highlights of my year as always.” Sarah age 16

 “Amazing! Contagious is my favourite time of the year!” David age 16

 “The Big Teaches have been really encouraging and helped me have a fresh perspective and left me so joyful! “ Sarah age 17

 “I loved studying Song of Songs.  The honesty of the teachers was really helpful.  Also the amount of work that leaders put in and their care of us was so encouraging.”Susannah age 19

 “This was my first Contagious West after 3 Nano’s and it was very good.  Right from the start the teaching was great.  I really enjoyed myself.”  Jacob age 14

“Very enjoyable, met lots of new people and I will be back next year!” Finlay age 16

“Absolutely fantastic!!  I always wonder how you can improve it from the year before, and you always do!  Great SUS leaders.  Thank you!” James age 15

“It is an amazing camp, even better than last year.  I can’t wait for 2019.”  Jamie age 14

Contagious Nano West 2018 – James Punching Preacher
Nano West 2018 group photo after paint wars

“Awesome, amazing and brilliant! I would definitely recommend this to my friends.” Otis age 13

“It was an amazing week and it helped me a lot in my faith.”  Joel age 13                                                                                                         

“I thought that the food and beds could be improved but all the teaching and activities were really good.” Ben age 13

“The whole of Contagious has been so fun to me and I’m definitely going to come next year.“Rebekah age 11

Very good teaching and very good activities.  I liked the meetings and all of the leaders tried really hard. ‘Packed a Punch!’”Asher age 12  

“It was incredible and I hope to come back next year (can’t wait)!”Sam age 13

“Contagious was a great experience.  I really enjoyed it and enjoyed being around many lovely Christian friends.  Thank you.” Esther age 12

Contagious East 2018 – Hooked
Contagious East team photo

“Some leaders were very good.”Jonny age 15

“One of the best weeks of the year and I find it really helpful in bringing me closer to God.”Grace age 14

“Thank you so much for providing a place to make Christian friends and grow spiritually.”Rachel age 18

“Contagious has been life changing and really helped me.” Anon.

“I really love Contagious.”Esther age 14

“Contagious is such an encouragement and always brings my focus back to Jesus.”Abi age 19

“I loved being able to understand a really awkward book of the bible [Song of Songs] and learning about God’s love for us.”Charis age 14

“The highlight for me, has been reminding myself of the love of Jesus who is sanctifying us and making us beautiful.”Bethan age 15

“Thank you so much for this year.  I have found it to be spiritually revitalising. Thanks to the whole team for all their hard work and dedication.”Will aged 18

“Another amazing year at Contagious.  Leaders and Task force were super friendly and the teaching was on point! Looking forward to next year!”Emma age 16

“Contagious has really helped me to grow in my faith and to make lots of lovely friends.”Amy age 17

“Really wonderful week, loved my SUS group.  Wonderful being captivated by Jesus’ amazing love.”  Abigail age 18

“I loved my SUS group”Tom 16

“Really wonderful week, loved my SUS group.  Wonderful being captivated by Jesus’ amazing love.”  Abigail age 18

Contagious Nano East 2018 – James Punching Preacher
Nano East 2018 capture the flag photo

“Contagious Nano for me, is right up there with Christmas and Word Alive”Barnaby aged 13

“It has been so GOOD!”Ella age 11

“I’ve loved Nano! Looking forward to Contagious Max!”Lizzy aged 13

“Best week of my year!”Rose age 12

“Contagious Nano was, and always has been, amazing!” Esther aged 13

“Loved it! It was fantastic.”Madoc age 13

“Fantastically Epically Awesome!”Damon 12

“Absolutely amazing. Great Bible teaching and a fun camp. Loved it!” Nathania age 12

“Contagious is amazing.  I have loved the teaching and growing in my faith.  I loved the activities and all the amazing leaders who have helped us and overall been amazing.” Georgina age 11

Contagious Central 2018

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