The Vision of Contagious

The Vision of Contagious

Our Vision is to bring glory and praise to God by being…
  • Passionate about God’s Word – declaring the good news of Jesus
  • Serious about Children and Young People – encouraging them to be faithful followers of Jesus
  • Committed to Local Church – recognising its role in making disciples of Jesus
Our vision is that simple.

We are passionate about God’s Word. We are utterly and increasingly convinced that when God’s Word is preached and taught, in the power of God’s Spirit, lives are transformed. If young people are to genuinely know God, to have a real encounter with the risen Lord Jesus Christ, then they must hear God’s Word.

So, at our youth conferences, we are absolutely committed to the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. This happens in a variety of ways. There are small groups studies, discussion-based seminars, one-to-ones, question times and upfront preaching.

We are serious about young people. Young people coming to Contagious are expected to work hard. We believe that they are more capable of listening, discussing and grappling with God’s Word than is often assumed. Our experience has been that the teaching provided has developed in young people a hunger for more of God’s Word rather than less.

We are committed to Local Church.We long to see a generation of young people who are soaked in Bible truth, who are serious about pursuing God and who are passionate about serving Jesus in their local church. We want our leaders to experience and become convinced of the need for Bible centred ministry. We want to help train leaders for a lifetime of serving Jesus within local churches.

All that we do at Contagious is designed to support this central vision (and it is a lot of fun!!).

To God be all the glory