Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for all attendees at all of our conferences and events. Please read these terms carefully before you submit your booking/application to us.  There is important information for you to understand and accept about us, the events, our service and care and our expectations about delegate’s conduct.  If you would like further clarification or have any questions about these terms, then please contact us. 

Information About Us

Contagious is a charity that seeks to provide events for children, young people and adults to teach them the Bible, encourage them in their faith and help them serve in their local church.

Contagious is the brand name for Contagious Bible Ministries, a company limited by guarantee, registered in England no. 7559349.  

Contagious is a charity registered with the Charities Commission, no. 1140912.

Registered address: Contagious Bible Ministries, Christ Church Dunstable, West Street, Dunstable, Beds, LU6 1SX.

Website: www.contagious.org.uk

Email: admin@contagious.org.uk


A deposit of £75 is required to reserve a place on one of our events when booking. Further payments can then be made in any number of amounts to suit you provided full payment is made at least 30 days prior to the start of the event. Payments can be made via the website by logging into your account and making a card payment.  Alternatively we accept BACS transfers to:

Bank : CAF Bank
Sort Code : 405240
Account Number : 00023542
Reference : Name of attendee

If full payment has not been received 30 days before the start of the event we reserve the right to offer the place to those on a waiting list.

Contagious reserves the right to refuse admittance to an event if full payment has not been made. 

Contagious reserves the right to charge a £25 Administration Fee to cover the costs of dealing with late payments and late DBS/PVG certificate submissions.


All delegates are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to the venue at the start of the event and from the venue at the end of the event at their own cost.  You will be informed of the drop off and collection times for the conference prior to the start of the event via an email to your booking correspondence address.


If you wish to cancel a booking, please contact us in writing, either by:
1. Email to admin@contagious.org.uk or 
2. Letter to Contagious Bible Ministries, Christ Church Dunstable, West Street, Dunstable, Beds, LU6 1SX. 

If the entire event were to be cancelled or significantly changed due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g. government restrictions or guidelines), you will be given the option to either obtain a full refund, or make a donation to Contagious for all or some of the amount. 

If you are unable to attend due to a government lockdown or tier restriction – either local or national – we will offer a full refund.

Cancellation for any other reason up to 30 days before the start of the conference will result in the loss of the deposit paid. Cancellation within 30 days of the start of the conference will result in the loss of the whole cost of the booking. 

We reserve the right to cancel a booking should it be discovered that an applicant has wilfully given false information or is not considered suitable to attend Contagious. If a delegate attends Contagious but chooses to arrive late or leave part way through the conference, then there will be no refund or discount available for time missed.


It is expected that all participants at Contagious will behave reasonably, in a responsible manner, be respectful of leaders, other delegates, the property and staff of the venues, and accept any rules imposed in order to ensure the smooth and safe running of the event. 

Some of our events include delegates or young people that are 18 years or over.  Whilst we recognise that they are adults, we expect them to comply with the general rules of the conference like other younger delegates and submit to the authority of the leaders (e.g. bedtimes). Alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted at Contagious. Smoking and vaping are not permitted at any of the sites used by Contagious. 

The Contagious leadership team reserve the right to dismiss anyone for disruptive, disrespectful or rebellious behaviour, for an infraction of Contagious policy, for inappropriate sexual activity or for other physically or emotionally inappropriate behaviour, without obligation to refund any part of the fee. Collection or travel from the event would then be the responsibility and at the expense of the delegate/parent/guardian. If a delegate, through inappropriate behaviour, causes loss or damage to Contagious property or the venue property, then the delegate/parent/guardian would be expected to pay for any deliberate damage caused. Most teaching sessions/meetings and some activities on Contagious conferences are not optional and all delegates are expected to participate in those sessions.  If a delegate refuses to attend these sessions without due reason and therefore opts out of the purpose of the conference, they will be asked to leave and Contagious will have no obligation to refund any part of the fee.  Collection or travel from the event would then be the responsibility of, and at the expense of the delegate/parent/guardian. 

Safety and Supervision

The safety and welfare of the children and young people is our priority so we ensure high levels of adult supervision.  We maintain a high ratio of adults to young people appropriate to the activity.  Most of our leaders are volunteers who give their own time (and contribute to their own costs) in order to run Contagious events. All children and young people are allocated to a small group (SUS group) where they have the care and supervision of at least two adult leaders. Contagious leaders are recruited safely through an application process where they provide information about themselves, their Christian commitment and experience of working with children or young people. We check the suitability of each leader by careful reading of their application, obtaining two positive references (including one from their home church leader) and obtaining a clear DBS or PVG check.  If the applicant is not known to us, we may additionally seek to interview them either by phone or in person. We aim to maintain a ratio of 1 leader to every 5 young people attending the event. Each SUS group (small group of between 6 and 12 people) will have at least two leaders.  Each SUS leader will be supported and supervised by an experienced Coordinator and Teaching Leader.  Further support and supervision of the conference is provided through the Vision and Teaching Team and Operations Team who serve under the authority of the Board of Trustees.  Further details of these teams are available on the website. Leaders are expected to attend a training day, prepare well for the teaching and activities and familiarise themselves with our Safeguarding Policy and procedures.

Health & Safety

It is important that full disclosure of all relevant medical issues, dietary requirements, allergy information or additional needs are made to the Contagious Team in order that they are able to provide the correct level of care to each delegate.  Information should be shared during the booking process, but if more dialogue is needed please contact the Operations Team. Risk Assessments are carried out on all supervised activities, and our leaders will exercise reasonable supervision of all Contagious attendees. All Contagious conferences have Medical Supervisors who will supervise medication in accordance with the instructions received from the parent/guardian and the prescription guidelines.  Medical supervisors, where needed, will issue ‘over-the-counter’ medication, such as Paracetamol or anti-histamine in accordance with the instructions on the medication and a record will be kept of the time, dosage and reason.  If symptoms persist beyond two doses of over-the-counter medication, we will seek further advice from the person’s parent/guardian or an NHS medical practitioner. We will undertake First Aid to any of the participants in the case of injury or emergency.  Should any further treatment be deemed necessary, we will refer to the nearest NHS facility and inform the parent/guardian as soon as possible. We keep records of all incidents or First Aid treatment which are available on request. We take the safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults seriously.  Our Safeguarding Policy is reviewed regularly and is available here.


Photographs or video footage of group activities may be taken of the activities and young people. These will be stored electronically by our staff and volunteers and reproduced only in presentations and advertising for the purposes of Contagious.  If you do not wish your child or young person to be included in pictures that are used for Contagious promotions, please advise us accordingly.  No child/young person will be identified with personal details alongside a picture of them within our media/videos or website.

Electronic Communication

Contagious acknowledges that electronic communications are a legitimate means of communicating with delegates, but particular diligence will be applied when Leaders and CREW use electronic devices to communicate with young people. 

Messaging using electronic devices:

Messages will generally only be communicated in a group e.g. WhatsApp group so that communication is in a public domain. The use of electronic communication will only be used for passing information or simple non-emotional communication. If a young person uses electronic communication at a deeper relational level (e.g. talking about personal struggles, conflicts with others, disclosures, questions about faith, issues with relationships) then leaders will send a courteous reply saying that it would be better to either arrange to meet in a public environment or suggest they meet with their own church youth leader. If communication of this nature takes place, a copy of the text and reply will be sent to safeguarding@contagious.org.uk.  In group or public messaging, communication of a ‘mocking’ or ‘banter’ nature will be avoided as this could be misconstrued.  We will not communicate with young people between 10pm and 7am. We will never use electronic communication for words of correction or discipline. All pictures or video footage taken during Contagious will either be shared in a public domain or deleted from our leaders’ devices. Leaders will not store footage or images that have not been shared. Leaders will only share images on social media of groups of young people and will not identify or ‘tag’ them. If parents/guardians would like to specifically request that their child does not appear on any social media, then please inform admin@contagious.org.uk accordingly. Adventure and Go conferences (ages 8-10 and 11-13) have a policy to collect all devices at night-time from the young people to prevent unhelpful use overnight when they should be sleeping. 

Social Networks:

Contagious recognises social media as a method of communication with all types of people and wants to positively use this medium for good witness, encouragement and promotion of our events. At the same time, we recognise that social media can be used for inappropriate, damaging or unhealthy purposes, so we urge everyone to be cautious and vigilant in this area. All Leaders or CREW should realise that their social media platforms are likely to be accessed by young people at Contagious. All content on a Leader’s or CREW member’s social media should be worthy of a good Christian witness, whether during Contagious or afterwards. If images, comments or other content is inappropriate, or can be easily interpreted wrongly then it is the responsibility of Leaders and CREW members to remove it. We remain vigilant to keep each other accountable by identifying any areas of concern on each other’s social media pages. We dissuade leaders and CREW from accessing, ‘liking’ or communicating with young people through social media, but if contact is considered to be safe and appropriate, then they have been instructed to ensure that all communication is kept in the public domain. Leaders and CREW will avoid giving any young person focused attention online for a prolonged period of time, even if they consider their motives are pure (e.g. by avoiding regularly ‘liking’ posts and limiting the number of comments or messages in any period). Where a child/young person and a Leader/CREW attend the same church then the electronic communication policy of that church takes priority.  


Your privacy is important to us.  We are committed to protecting the personal data of adults, children and young people who attend Contagious or provide their information to us. We collect and use your information to fulfil our purposes as a Christian charity that provides quality events for children and adults that are safe, caring, educational and enjoyable and to comply with the law regarding our data sharing.  It is necessary to share some information that we collect in a secure manner for the proper care and safety of our delegates, but we do not share your information with others except as described in our Privacy Notice


If there is any problem during the booking process, payment process or conference week, we would like to know as soon as possible so that we can do our utmost to put it right.  If your child/young person communicates with you during the residential week expressing concern or difficulty about any issue, please contact us in the first instance.  On-site contact numbers are available for each conference within the ‘Event Information’ on the website. If a problem is not dealt with to your satisfaction, please contact us by writing to admin@contagious.org.uk.  If you would like to contact the Contagious Director or a Trustee, please complete the contact form below.

Medical Treatment Consent

I give permission for a Contagious Leader to act ‘In Loco Parentis’ in an emergency involving my child, including agreeing to any necessary First Aid or medical treatment.

Medicinal Consent

My child/young person may be supplied with Paracetamol/Ibuprofen/anti-histamine by a responsible adult if it is thought to be necessary. (This consent may be overridden by requesting that permission is always sought before any over-the-counter medication is given when your booking is made.)

Activity Consent

I give permission for my child/young person to take part in the organised activities at Contagious, including swimming and any organised trip outside of the conference premises.