TEAM Roles and Responsibilities

TEAM Roles and Responsibilities

There are many different roles that our TEAM have at a Contagious Conference. Each Conference is led by a Teaching Leader and Coordinator. We then have the SUS leaders who are usually paired up to lead small groups young people and to care for them throughout the week. More behind the scenes we have people who care for the young people (the safeguarding lead, medical supervisor and pastoral lead) and help with the practical running of the conference (administrator, tech support, houseparents). Many of these people are also SUS leaders.

In addition to our TEAM we have our CREW (trainee leadership programme), who are led by dedicated CREW leaders.

To look at our overall structure as an organisation please click here.

Below are descriptions of each role and its responsibilities.

Teaching Leader

The overall Teaching Leader has the responsibility to prepare and deliver the Bible teaching.  They are also responsible for training others and ensuring that sound doctrine is taught in the conference/age stream. Primarily they are required to prepare, deliver and model good Bible teaching within the seminars and Big teaches. Identifying other suitable seminar leaders/preachers, training and supporting them in their preparation and providing some constructive feedback.

Full listing of Teaching Leader Responsibilities here


The Coordinator has responsibility for ensuring all the people and facilities are in the right places and supported in their roles. He or she works closely with the Teaching Leader in planning, delivering and reviewing the conference.  They may have some teaching responsibilities, but their main role is to manage the TEAM.

Full listing of the Coordinator Responsibilities here

SUS leaders

The great benefit to young people who attend Contagious, is that they get well cared for by godly Christian adults who welcome them, teach them, provide supervision, organise activities, be a role model to them and ensure they have a great time.  Every young person is allocated to a small group called SUS (Students Under Scripture) of about 6-12 young people and 2-3 adult leaders.  We need you if you are enthusiastic, motivated, caring, and keen to encourage young people towards godliness through faithful Bible teaching and a godly example.

  • You and another leader will be responsible for your small group (6-10 young people), encouraging them to participate in the teaching and activities, caring for their practical needs, teaching them in SUS time and praying for them.
  • You need to attend the Regional Training Day and engage with the teaching material. We expect SUS leaders to use this material before the conference to prepare Bible studies, understand the seminar material and pray for the young people in their care.
  • The Teaching Leader will inform you who your SUS partner/s are and which of the following roles they would like you to fulfil.

SUS Leader ‘A’ Responsibilities:

  • For your fellow SUS Leader B/& C; that they are performing uprightly in conduct and attitude to the group and training them in leading a bible study, caring for the group needs and motivating them in the teaching and activities.
  • Lead the Bible studies with your SUS Leader B/C depending on his or her experience and competence. Guide and support them in preparing the studies, bible exposition, and ideas to engage the young people, making sure to give encouraging feedback with one thing that was well done and one thing to work on next time.
  • Ensuring 1-1 work takes place between every member of the SUS group and a leader.
  • For the safety and discipline of the young people in the team:
  • At all times point the young people towards Christ.
  • Check all your group attend all applicable sessions, meetings and seminars.
  • Before Contagious prepare five/six SUS group Bible Studies using the Contagious Teaching Material (including those allocated to SUS leader B/C). Prepare well including good bible exposition, creative ideas to engage and thoughtful applications to teach, challenge and encourage the young people in their lives.  Work with others to share thoughts, ideas and test your own
  • Pray for your SUS group before, during and after the conference.

SUS Leader ‘B/C’ Responsibilities:

  • Support the SUS Leader ‘A’ in leading the team, during group time and in caring for the young people, including 1-1 time with them.
  • The safety and discipline of the young people in the team and at all times point the young people towards Christ.
  • Before Contagious liaise with your SUS Leader A regarding SUS group sessions and prepare a study as discussed with your SUS leader A. Prepare well including good bible exposition, creative ideas to engage and thoughtful applications to teach, challenge and encourage the young people in their lives.  Work with others to share thoughts, ideas and test your own
  • Pray for your SUS group before, during and after the conference. 


The Care Team is made up of the coordinator and the next three roles (medical supervisor, safeguarding officer, pastoral lead):

The aim of the Care Team is to encourage collaboration, accountability and efficiency for those with responsibility to care for the young people during the Contagious conference.  

Full listing of the Care TEAM responsibilities here

Medical Supervisor

The Medical Supervisor has oversight of all medical care on the Conference.

  • Training to be to first-aid at work or equivalent qualification, or appropriate professional qualification/experience.
  • Pre-conference review the medical information sent from the office about the conditions of young people and leaders attending and seek further information if required. With Director, make an assessment of whether we can safely care for any particular needs of young people, or recommend extra support where appropriate.
  • Lead a small team of first aiders on team and be available to medically care for the young people.
  • Handle medication of young people and administer the drugs in accordance with the advice provided by parents.
  • In loco-parentis administer over-the-counter medication as required for the young people.
  • In cases of injury, illness or a person requiring treatment, seek professional advice from local Doctor or hospital. In emergency do not hesitate to contact the emergency services.
  • Complete all record keeping regarding first aid incidents or distribution of medicines.
  • Communicate with parents before, during and after the conferences as appropriate to the proper care of the young people.

Safeguarding Officer

The Safeguarding Officer takes the responsibility for safeguarding and child protection for a Contagious week including training, providing advice and secure administration of documents, case management and statutory reporting.

  • Deliver training to your TEAM including a refresher course on the first day of the conference.
  • Be available to provide advice to the TEAM and seek help from senior members or the Safeguarding Lead or Christian Safeguarding Services.  Respect personal information and share details only on a need to know basis.
  • With the support of the DSL and CSS, the Safeguarding Officer is to refer cases of suspected abuse and neglect to the relevant local authority children’s social care.  If a crime has or is alleged to have been committed refer the case to the police.  If a person is dismissed or left due to risk/harm to a child, report to the Disclosure and Barring Service as required.
  • The Safeguarding Officer will work together with the Event Coordinator, Pastoral Lead and Medical Supervisor in a ‘Care Team’ to be efficient in caring for the young people as well as identifying cases of safeguarding concern. 

Pastoral lead

The Pastoral Lead’s role is to support the TEAM in caring for the young people.  

  • SUS leaders can sometimes struggle with leading a Bible study group, deal with difficult pastoral issues, or have discipline issues to handle, so the purpose of the Pastoral Lead is to be available to advise, support and guide them in teaching, managing, or caring for each young person. 
  • With the medical supervisor, review the medical, SEN and pastoral needs of young people, TEAM and CREW; as disclosed on the booking forms.  Seek further information if required and recommend a care plan/extra support where appropriate.
  • The Pastoral Lead should be a mature Christian with experience in youthwork or church ministry. However, we must all recognise our limitations and not seek to advise or promise care for a person beyond our capacity.  We should always seek to link any young person with ongoing care and support in their home environment.  We should avoid any planned pastoral care outside of the Contagious week and seek to connect the young person to their local church.


The Administrator ensures that everything practical is ready for the conference and that the TEAM have everything they need. They communicate with the TEAM and parents before the conference and ensure all forms are ready and filled in during the conference.

Full listing of the Administrator Responsibilities here

TEch TEam

The Tech TEAM plan and provide tech support for the teaching and other activities at Contagious.

  • Planning sound and visual tech provision pre-conference with teaching team and agreeing the budget with Director.
  • Supplying and setting up sound and visual equipment for the main auditorium and seminar rooms according to the agreed specification.
  • Operating sound tech equipment or training others during the conference.
  • Providing sound tech support to other activities as required
  • Leading, training and supporting a small team of volunteer tech team.
  • Record meetings and provide data files to the Director to add to website in agreed form.

Support role / Houseparent

In the Contagious Team, we often have additional people who support all the work of Contagious during the week in many practical ways. These are often called Houseparents.

The support team are not required to teach the Bible or lead groups of young people.

Typical tasks would include, catering, refreshments, purchases, tuck shop, child care for leaders’ children, liaison with visitors and many other simple but essential jobs that support the Team.

CREW LEaders

The CREW leaders oversee our young adult training programme. Our aim for CREW members is for them to be better equipped to serve as leaders at Contagious in the future, as well as being better equipped to serve God within their local church.

The main responsibilities include preparing and delivering the teaching programme for the CREW at Contagious and leading the tasks and activities for the CREW.

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