Administrator responsibilities

Administrator responsibilities

Conference Administrators
  • The Administrator has responsibility for ensuring the conference runs smoothly and everyone is safe and provided for.


  • Liaise with Contagious Operations team concerning DBS’s and references
  • Liaise with parents to inform them of the details of the week and what to expect
  • Provide Medical and Dietary information to SUS leaders and to the venue
  • Communicate details of the training day to TEAM and register who has attended
  • Ensure all TEAM running activities are aware of and have access to Risk Assessments and are adapting them to their activities
  • Prepare registers, fire lists, risk assessments, lanyards, and other key information for the conference
  • Prepare tuckshop and bookshop including pricing, stock, signs and cash floats
  • Ensure that there are enough teaching books and resources

During the Conference

  • Organise registration on the first day
  • Ensure all activities have a completed risk assessment and file risk assessments
  • Support the conference with administration – provide, collect and store relevant forms to the TEAM
  • Liaise with the on-site staff at the venue
  • Mobilise the TEAM in clearing up and ensure the venue is left in the correct condition

Post Conference

  • Collect all equipment, registers and all other forms and send them to
  • Review the conference together with the Teaching Leader and Coordinator
  • Archive or delete all sensitive personal information under the GDPR policy