Coordinator Role

Coordinator Role

Conference Coordinator/Age Stream Coordinators
  • The Coordinator has responsibility for ensuring all the people and facilities are in the right places and supported in their roles. He or She works closely with the Teaching Leader in planning, delivering and reviewing the conference.  They may have some teaching responsibilities, but their main role is to manage the TEAM.


  • In partnership with the Teaching Leader, arrange the date, times, location and facilities for the regional training day. Encourage past leaders and current Team to attend and coordinate the people and training programme for the day.
  • With the Director and Teaching Leader, identify volunteers to fulfil the many roles on a conference and communicate with the Team to build the teaching and activity programmes. Liaise with the Administrator, Director and Teaching Leader to bring together all the practical elements needed to deliver a good conference.
  • Working with the Director and Administrator, liaise with venue to arrange and book the onsite facilities. Ensure these bookings are within budget.  Book any outside organisations to attend Contagious and ensure they are within budget.  Ensure venue is aware of rooms, tables, chairs, equipment required.  Arrange meal times, arrival and leaving times.
  • Send final instructions to leaders – when to meet, what to bring, etc. one month prior to conference.

During the Conference

  • The Coordinator will lead the Team on the first day to organise the set up tasks, and provide a good welcome to the young people when they arrive.
  • Lead the Team Meetings at the beginning of each day to check and encourage the team to fulfil their roles within the programme.
  • Liaise with the venue facilities manager when required.
  • The Coordinator is responsible for the practical running, timekeeping and resourcing of the programme including troubleshooting when needed. They manage the activity leaders and communicate with the yp and leaders including notices in the seminars or meetings.
  • The Coordinator is to lead other volunteers in your team in the following roles…
    • Safeguarding – one male + female
    • Pastoral Leaders – one male + female
    • Medical Leader
    • Activity Programme
  • In partnership with the safeguarding lead, identify, record and follow safeguarding procedures in the case of child protection cases or concerns around the conduct of leaders.
  • Ensure risk assessment forms are completed and returned to the Administrator at the end of the conference. (Admin team to provide details and forms)
  • Listen to the Team and observe the activities to identify any concerns or ill-discipline in the group of young people. Under the authority of the Director/Event Manager gently correct and discipline any individuals to keep the group within boundaries and happy.  Identify or listen to any pastoral issues during the week, checking on leaders well-being during the week, etc.  Report any issues to the Director.

Post Conference

  • Reflect and review the conference with your regional steering group. Attend the Review and Envisioning meeting to share your experience with other Coordinators and learn from other good practices.
  • Seek to build good relationships with your Team throughout the year by praying for them, contacting/meeting them and encouraging them to return the following year. Identify other suitable Team members and invite them to join Contagious.