CREW Leader Responsibilities

CREW Leader Responsibilities

CREW Leader responsibilities


⇒ Attend the 24-hour training and then use the Contagious teaching material, prepare a two year teaching programme for the CREW that includes SUS group studies, bible handling workshops, doctrine or apologetics sessions. Allocate teaching responsibilities within the CREW leaders and agree SUS/mentoring responsibilities.

Communicate to previous CREW year one leaders and encourage them to return for a second year. With the support of the Operations team, communicate to the 19 year olds and encourage them to join the CREW.  Monitor the applications for CREW and references, giving approval or seeking more information as required.  Write to any CREW applicants that are deemed unsuitable.

⇒ Organise the CREW into SUS groups, allocate CREW leaders to each group.

⇒ Prepare information for the CREW to help them to prepare for their time serving at Contagious, including the allocation of SUS studies and guidance notes to help them.

⇒ Communicate final details with CREW about when to arrive, training, what to bring etc.


⇒ Welcome the CREW on the first day, provide them with training and information about the week and then organise the set up tasks.

⇒ Liaise with the Contagious Teaching Leader and Coordinator about the daily tasks required to support the main conference. Identify the gifts and skills of the CREW e.g. music, creative arts, sport, administration, manual handling etc. and then organise the CREW into teams to complete the practical tasks each day.  Try to give the year two CREW more responsibility to model servant leadership to the year ones.

⇒ As a team deliver the CREW 2 year teaching programme to complement the main conference teaching and include Bible handling training, servant leadership training, doctrine and apologetics.

⇒ Mentor each CREW member with one to one at the beginning of the week and towards the end. Include support and guidance for them in preparing and delivering their SUS study and provide them with encouraging feedback.  Use examples of their activity throughout the week to train them in servant leadership.  

⇒ Observe and listen to CREW to identify any issues of concern within the group. If necessary, provide gentle correction or discipline within a culture of encouragement and praise. Look out for any who are struggling, offer support and encouragement or maybe relieve them of some duties in order to maintain a good quality of care throughout the week.

⇒ Build positive team morale with additional times of prayer, communication and social time to encourage CREW members to flourish in a supportive happy environment.


⇒ Complete a brief encouraging report on each CREW member that is then shared with their church leader. Make clear your recommendations about serving at Contagious/CREW again in the future or suggest other ways for them to serve or receive further training.

⇒ Reflect and review the conference with your regional steering group. Attend the Review and Envisioning meeting to share your experience with other CREW Leaders and learn from other good practices.

⇒ Seek to build good relationships with CREW members throughout the year by praying for them, contacting/meeting them and encouraging them to return the following year. Identify other suitable CREW members and invite them to join Contagious.