Guidelines for Leaders Children

Guidelines for Leaders Children

Historically Contagious has discouraged leaders bringing their young children to our conferences as we have tried to prioritise the care of the children and young people attending without adding distraction to leaders.  However, the Trustees have approved the following guidelines to support Conference leaders should they wish to encourage TEAM to come with their younger children.


  1. The decision to allow leaders’ children to any individual conference would be discussed at each Conference Steering Group and a decision made whether the venue, programme and demands on the team are suitable for welcoming families.  If the venue is suitable, and the Conference Steering Group have approved it, the option to book children will appear on the booking system.
  2. Leaders’ children can attend Contagious conferences if accompanied by an adult responsible for the care and supervision of the children.  The adult must complete our safe recruitment process (application form, DBS/PVG, 2 references, but are not required to attend training day unless the parents wish to share leadership and childcare responsibilities between them).  Accompanying adults will be charged at the same rates as TEAM.  Accompanying adults are not expected to take any responsibilities during the conference for supervising or teaching delegates but may, if they wish, share some leadership/activity/teaching responsibilities as agreed by the Conference Teaching Leader and Coordinator providing there is always someone to supervise their children. For example:
    • If a father and mother want to both lead a SUS group, another supervising adult must be present to care for the children;
    • If a mother spends most of her time with her children and then wants to help with an activity, then another leader could be freed from responsibilities to care for the children as agreed by the Coordinator.
    • If a leader is not responsible for a SUS group, then their partner could run a SUS group whilst the leader looks after young children (the parent should not be the primary leader because of all the other responsibilities of leading a SUS group).
  3. Leaders’ children will only attend if there is space in the venue to accommodate them.  We cannot guarantee that both parents can share a room with their children but would seek to accommodate them together in family groups.
  4. Pre-school children aged 0-5 years will be charged £40 to cover accommodation and admin cost.
  5. Leaders’ children aged one school year less than the conference lowest age can attend and be included in the full programme and would sleep in the dorms with other conference children.  In this instance, no additional supervising adult/parent is expected.  In this instance we would expect normal fees for the conference to be paid less 10% (see note below).
  6. All Leaders’ children attending Contagious conference as a delegate will receive a discount of 10% from the full fee.


A married couple, Tom and Jane, attend as TEAM with their three children, Josh (12), Lucy (7) and Felix (2). To supervise Felix, an accompanying adult (Granny) will also attend.

Tom and Jane book as TEAM.

Josh (12) books GO (A 10% discount is applied is his parents are on TEAM).

Lucy (7) is eligible to attend ADVENTURE one year early as parents are on site (10% discount also applied).

Felix (2) is charged £40 to cover admin and venue costs.

Granny books as ‘Support TEAM’ as an Accompanying Adult with the same cost as TEAM.