Teaching Leader Responsibilities

Teaching Leader Responsibilities

Contagious Teaching Leader
  • The main responsibilities include preparing and delivering the teaching, training others and ensuring that sound doctrine is taught in the conference/age stream. This will include preparing, delivering and modelling good Bible teaching within the seminars and Big teaches. Identifying other suitable seminar leaders/preachers, training and supporting them in their preparation and providing some constructive feedback.  


  • Attending the 24-hour training and then using the teaching material, prepare and deliver good sound training to your Team at the regional training day.
  • Giving direction, theological guidance, training and pastoral support to the SUS leaders in the Team to ensure that SUS groups receive good quality Bible teaching presented in engaging way and applied to the young people.
  • The Administrator will regularly send you Team references from church leaders. Check you are happy with these church references and make a note of any strengths/weaknesses identified. The Administrator will have already looked over the references and will highlight any concerns.
  • Assign leaders into pairs for SUS groups.
  • Check and approve the assignment of young people into SUS groups (task completed by Administrator).

During the Conference

  • Lead the morning team devotions or allocate them to others.
  • Follow the Contagious Teaching Material/programme and deliver good quality seminars/preaching that model bible-centred teaching that engages young people and applies the gospel to their lives.
  • Identify, encourage, support and guide other Bible teaching leaders to deliver good Bible teaching, engaging young people and applied to their lives. In an environment of praise and encouragement, provide helpful feedback to the Bible teachers in your Team.
  • Listen to SUS leaders to identify any issues of concern within the Team. Under the authority of the Director/Event Manager, provide gentle correction or discipline where necessary within a culture of encouragement and praise.
  • The Teaching Leader is to lead other volunteers in your team with these roles:
    • Music group leader
    • Leaders of the meetings
    • CREW leaders
  • Working with the Coordinator, build positive team morale with additional times of prayer, communication and social time to encourage team members to flourish in a supportive happy environment. Look out for those who are struggling, offer support and encouragement or maybe relieve them of some duties in order to maintain a good quality of care and teaching throughout the week.

Post Conference

  • Reflect and review the conference with your regional steering group. Attend the Review and Envisioning meeting to share your experience with other Teaching Leaders and learn from other good practices.
  • Seek to build good relationships with your Team throughout the year by praying for them, contacting/meeting them and encouraging them to return the following year. Identify other suitable Team members and invite them to join Contagious.