Contagious MAX (14-19’s)

Contagious MAX (14-19’s)

Contagious MAX is a fantastic week of friendship, fun and great Bible teaching for 14-19 year-olds (those currently in school years 9 – 13 or in Scotland S4 to age 19).

*19 year-olds (after first year uni/work) can choose to stay as a delegate in Contagious or join our CREW Team of trainee leaders.

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MAX Central – 28th July-3rd August – Lord Wandsworth College, Hampshire

MAX ScoNo – 27th July-2nd August – Barnard Castle School, Durham

MAX West – 3rd-9th August – Pioneer Centre, Kidderminster

MAX South West – 5th-11th August – Prior Park College, Bath

MAX East – 17th-23rd August – Royal Hospital School, Ipswich

All our Conference dates/venues can be found here.

We live in a world of fake news and false ideas. Many people are uncertain of who they are, why they exist and how to make sense of life.

Where can we turn to find truth and stability? Where can we find a solid foundation to build on? We can only find it in God’s word, entrusted to God’s church.

In 1 Timothy a church which lives and loves the Bible is described as a pillar and foundation of the truth.

Contagious MAX Flyer for 2024

We have a busy morning so every Conference has a filling breakfast with cooked and continental options. After breakfast is our SUS group time. This is time in small groups studying the Bible together.

The rest of the morning is spent in two Seminars with a break in the middle. Seminars are interactive sessions where we dig deeper into God’s word together, they are usually where we get to see the big picture of what the whole sweep of God’s word has to say about a subject.

We then have lunch and afterwards it is into afternoon activities. The activities are usually split into two (or three) slots and are a mix of all-together activities and options. We then have dinner together.

In the evening we have our Big Teaches. These are meetings that include games, singing, interviews and the reading and preaching of God’s word. A day at Contagious MAX then ends with some after hours activities and before lights out at 10.45pm.

At Contagious MAX conferences, we are committed to teaching the Bible to young people in an engaging, creative way that applies the truth of God’s Word to their lives.  We aim to give young people a deeper understanding of Bible and thereby grow their relationship with Jesus.  Teaching takes place in various formats by experienced team to help young people learn, explore and apply the truth to their lives…

SUS groups were incredibly helpful with being able to pray about and discuss our responses to the teaching in our own lives.” – Young person, MAX West

Sometimes a large group of people can be daunting so everyone in Contagious Max belongs to a small group called SUS (Students Under Scripture). You will quickly get to know new friends and build a good team spirit.

Each SUS group is lead by two experienced adult leaders who support, encourage and care for each member of their group. Each day we spend time in the Bible together in SUS groups which are an ideal time for you to ask questions, discuss and get to know Jesus better.

“I loved going back to parts of the old testament and seeing where the things in Revelation had already been prophesied thousands of years earlier, and it has definitely strengthened my belief in the Bible’s authenticity and the truth of its message.” – Naomi, 16

Each morning we dig deep into the Bible to find out what it says.  Seminars teach the Bible in creative and engaging ways that make sense and help you capture what it says in your heart. Some of the time we will teach from the front or you will look up verses in SUS groups. Other times there will be games, competitions, drama, songs or visuals to illustrate the teaching point.

No one will be put on the spot or expected to read out loud if they feel uncomfortable about that. If you have any particular learning needs, please tell us and we will endeavour to provide some additional support.

“I think all of it was so engaging and interesting and I really enjoyed the big talks at the end of each day.” – Mya, 15

We are passionate about hearing the Bible being taught. The ‘Big Teach’ is the climax of each day where an experienced preacher will apply the Bible to our lives. Everyone gathers together in a large group for great worship, interviews, ice-breaker games, prayers before the preach.

We give young people the chance to speak to experienced leaders afterwards for support, encouragement and prayer. Many young people say that the ‘Big Teach’ is the highlight of their week!

“The music group were awesome, and we sang some really good songs… It was so good to be surrounded by so many other Christians, and to be reassured we are not alone in this world.” – Young person, MAX East

We love to sing and worship God with a mix of modern songs and traditional hymns (played in a contemporary way) and some new songs written for Contagious Max. Worship is an important way to take all we have learnt during the day and express our love for God from our hearts. 

Whilst our music is vibrant and modern we avoid making the worship too different from what most young people will experience in their home churches to encourage them to enjoy praising God all year round.

“The teaching and one on ones were very helpful for me… I particularly appreciated the opportunity to talk to a leader after the big teach as this personally helped me a lot.” – Carys

Everyone is offered an opportunity for a one to one with your SUS Group Leader. This will be your opportunity to share how you are feeling, ask any questions and pray together. More information about how we conduct one to one sessions can be found in our Contagious One to Ones guidance notes.

One-to-ones are always done in a public space and according to our Contagious Safeguarding Policy We respect privacy but do not promise confidentiality and always act with the young person’s best interests first.

“Q&A was the highlight for me, lots of good answers to difficult questions.” – Joshua, 18

Each conference raises many questions that the young people have so we give everyone an opportunity to ask their questions and hear experienced team leaders provide biblical answers.

These extra sessions are optional, but are often attended by most of the young people at the conference.

We may work hard at understanding the Bible, but there is also plenty of time for breaks and activities. There are usually two activity slots in the afternoon, divided into ‘all-in’ activities where everyone at the Conference joins in an activity together (wide games, SUS challenge, water games…) and optional activities (a choice of 3-5 different activities are run at the same time so that young people can choose which activity they would like to do). We then have further activities in the evening. Activities can include SUS challenges, sports, water games, baking, wide games, rounders, football, swimming, craft, ceilidhs, choir, and time to chill.

You can also look at the reviews from parents and young people or browse through the photos from each Conference.

Please join the leaders in praying for our time at Contagious this summer:

  • Thank God for the many young people coming to Contagious from different backgrounds and churches.
  • Thank God for Contagious and the dedicated leaders who prepare the teaching, organise the activities, and give of their time to care and support the young people.
  • Please pray for young people who may be feeling anxious about coming to Contagious; pray that they would quickly find their way around, meet great leaders and make new friends.
  • Please pray for young people as they listen, learn and engage with the teaching this summer; that they would grow in their love of Jesus and mature in their walk with Him.
  • Please pray for the leaders that they would teach the young people well and faithfully, according to the Bible.  Give them creative ideas to engage the young people and a love for the young people that comes from Jesus.
  • Please pray for safety and smooth running of the conference, free from evil attack and blessed by God.
  • Please pray for the ongoing work of Contagious as they plan future conferences and look for new opportunities to serve young people in our nation.
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