GO South West

GO South West

Below we have all the information you will need for your Contagious Conference this summer. If you would like general information for what a Contagious GO Conference is like then please click on the link here.

Contagious GO South West runs from 5th-11th August . 

The Conference will begin on 5th August with registration between 3-4pm. If you are going to be later than this please contact admin@contagious.org.uk in the weeks before the Conference or Marie Betts (07722 827919) on the day.

Departure on Sunday 11th August is at 1.30pm, 

But you are invited to join us at  11.30am on Sunday 11th for our final response meeting at 12-1pm, followed by a picnic (parents and carers will need to bring their own picnic food, the young people will be provided for by the venue.) 

If you are going to be delayed for any reason to pick up your child then please contact us using the phone number above.

Contagious GO South West is at Prior Park College, Ralph Allen Drive, Bath BA2 5AH. 

The entrance looks like this (if you go too far down the hill – you will end up at the National trust garden with the same name!): 

When you arrive we will have TEAM on hand to direct you to registration.

Due to package travel regulations we are unable to provide transport from train stations to the venue.

Prior Park college is a beautiful site, with Bath stone buildings and great views. GO will be staying in St Mary’s boarding house, down by the pool, with a lawn for us to kick about on, and 3 great common rooms inside to relax and play games together. (Our older group MAX will be onsite too, staying in St Paul’s boarding house) The girls and boys will be on separate floors with leaders in rooms near by if there are any issues, all bedding is provided. There are quite a few singles rooms, especially on the girls floor but we have tried to room young people next to their requested  friends. 

GO meetings will be in the Big School room – with space for activities, a band and breakout groups. The week is fully-catered and we will have access to sports fields, swimming pool and other facilities for a fun-filled week together.

  • Clothing appropriate for a range of weather and activities
  • Shoes including those suitable for running/activities
  • Bible (We will be teaching from the New International Version)
  • Pens (young people will be provided with their own teaching booklets for writing notes in)
  • Swimwear
  • Towel (you may want 2, one for showers, one for pool) 
  • Clothing suitable for water games (not white)
  • Old clothing suitable for paint wars  (Light/ white clothing means the paint really stands out!)
  • Toiletries, sun cream, hat and sunglasses
  • Small light up alarm clock or watch (young people will not have their phones overnight)
  • Sports equipment, games, musical instruments for free time (please note these are brought at your own risk)
  • Money for the tuck shop and bookstall (Cash – the smaller the coins the better,  we will have a card reader on-site if young people have a card) 
  • Some kind of tote bag/ drawstring bag to bring notebook and water across site each day and for our day off site. 

Please do NOT bring any snacks that contain nuts. Our venues are nut-free sites and we often have attendees with severe nut allergies.

We are hoping to take some general photos or videos during the week that may be used for publicity, uploaded on our website or shared on social media sites.
If you have particular concerns about social media, photographs or publicity, please inform us by emailing admin@contagious.org.uk.

At Contagious GO we are happy for children and young people to bring their phones to Contagious though we cannot take responsibility for their loss or damage. We require that all electronic devices are handed to their SUS leader at registration. We will keep the phones safe and give them out for an hour each day (this will be at 4.30-5.30pm) for young people to contact parents/carers and friends. We understand that you may wish to speak to your child so in an emergency you can contact Marie Betts (07722 827919) 

You should have given us all relevant medical, SEN and pastoral information when you signed up on Brushfire. If you have any further information to give us or need to update anything then you can do that by accessing your booking on Brushfire. If you wish to update anything less than six weeks before the conference please email admin@contagious.org.uk. This is because we often pull the relevant information for each Conference from the booking website around six weeks before the conference, and by emailing us we can make sure that the necessary people are notified.

When you booked onto Contagious, we asked you to agree to our terms and conditions. You can access them here. In particular, please note our expectations with regards to behaviour throughout the week. 

If you need to get in touch with us at any point during the week then you can do that using the contact information below:

  • Non-urgent enquiries – admin@contagious.org.uk
  • Urgent enquiries or emergencies – Marie Betts (07722 827919) or Rob Dalton (07975 682979)
What does a typical day look like?

The day starts with wake up followed by a filling breakfast. We then go into our morning meeting together. This meeting includes singing, activities and challenges, and teaching from one of the leaders. After the morning meeting there will be a short break followed by some time in SUS (Students Under Scripture) groups going through part of the Bible together. After SUS we will have our lunch and then go into afternoon activities. The activities are a mix of all-together activities (such as water games, wide games and challenges) and option activities (sports, craft, music). After dinner, there is another meeting similar to the morning meeting, followed by an evening activity (these have included junk heap challenges, wide games, quizzes and film nights) before bed.

What is being taught at Contagious this year?

At Contagious GO 2024 we are going to be diving into the book of Philippians. We live in a world of influencers, people who want to affect our lives and control our desires. As we look at the portraits that Paul paints with the words he writes, his passion is to influence us to think and then act like Jesus. So come and be influenced to live for Jesus as we delve into Philippians together.

How are young people kept safe at Contagious?

We are serious about keeping all children and young people safe at Contagious. If you would like to read our safeguarding policy then you can access that here.

How can I be praying for Contagious? 

We would love it if you could be praying for us throughout the week! It is only through God’s word applied to the hearts of the young people through the Holy Spirit’s work that lives are changed. Please be praying for faithful teaching and for hearts opened to the good news of the gospel. For particular points for prayer check out our dedicated page.