MAX West

MAX West

Below we have all the information you will need for your Contagious Conference this summer. If you would like general information for what a Contagious MAX Conference is like then please click on the link here.

Contagious MAX West runs from the 3rd – 9th of August The Conference will begin with registration between 2:30-3:30pm. If you are going to be later than these please contact in the weeks before the Conference or Carrie (07477 627 514) on the day.

Our Conference will finish with a final meeting at 11:30am before a picnic lunch at 12:30pm. We would love parents to join us at the final response meeting to get an overview of what we’ve learnt throughout the week and to hear from some of the young people. After the response meeting you are invited to join us for a picnic lunch. The young people will be provided with lunch by the venue, but please bring a picnic lunch for yourselves. The Conference will finish at approximately 1:00pm.

If you are going to be delayed for any reason to pick up your child then please contact us using the phone number above. If you need to dash off earlier we’ll try and ensure that some packed lunches are available before the end of the final meeting.

Contagious MAX West is at the Pioneer Centre near Kidderminster. See below for where to park. When you arrive we will have TEAM and CREW on hand to direct you to registration. You can drop off bags in rooms and young people will have an opportunity to meet their SUS leaders and join in different welcome activities. Due to package travel regulations we are unable to provide transport from train stations to the venue.

The Pioneer Centre is a purpose-built activity centre. Contagious MAX West is housed in Alberta, Baffin and Yukon Lodge in rooms of between 4 and 6 beds. All the rooms are en-suite. Each lodge has a small lounge which we use for lots of the more relaxed activities in the afternoons. We hold our main meetings in the Mackenzie room which is just off the Gilmour Lounge, another great space for young people to gather and relax, play snooker, table tennis and board games. As part of our booking MAX West gets to use the high ropes that the Pioneer Centre has one of the mornings of the week.

  • Clothing appropriate for a range of weather and activities (the weather at Contagious MAX West can be very sunny and rainy in the same week!)
  • Shoes including those suitable for running/activities
  • Bible (We will be teaching from the New International Version – please bring a physical copy)
  • Pens (young people will be provided with their own teaching booklets for writing notes in)
  • Clothing suitable for water games (swim shorts, old t-shirt, a spare towel)
  • Toiletries, sun cream, hat and sunglasses
  • Sports equipment, games, musical instruments for free time (please note these are brought at your own risk)
  • Bedding is provided but please bring a towel (I’d recommend two!)
  • Money for the tuck shop, and bookstall (the Pioneer Centre have their own tuckshop open each morning break but we do have Cafe Contagious on a few of the evenings where snacks and mocktails/hot chocolates will be available to buy).

Please do NOT bring any snacks that contain nuts. Our venues are nut-free sites and we often have attendees with severe nut allergies.

We are hoping to take some general photos or videos during the week that may be used for publicity, uploaded on our website or shared on social media sites.
If you have particular concerns about social media, photographs or publicity, please inform us by emailing

Young people at Contagious MAX may bring their phones to Contagious and use them throughout the day during breaks.  NO phones are to be used during teaching sessions unless as part of the activity or required. Phones should be switched off or on silent during teaching sessions and at other times all users should act responsibly to avoid distracting themselves and others from engaging with people and activities.  If any attendee of Contagious uses their phone in an inappropriate or immoral way then we reserve the right as leaders to confiscate the phone and return it to them at the end of the Conference.  Any illegal use of a phone will be reported.

You should have given us all relevant medical, SEN and pastoral information when you signed up on Brushfire. If you wish to update anything before the conference please email This is because we often pull the relevant information for each Conference from the booking website around six weeks before the conference, and by emailing us we can make sure that the necessary people are notified.

When you booked onto Contagious, we asked you to agree to our terms and conditions. You can access them here. In particular, please note our expectations with regards to behaviour throughout the week.

If you need to get in touch with us at any point during the week then you can do that using the contact information below:

What does a typical day look like?

We have a busy morning so every Conference has a filling breakfast with cooked and continental options. After breakfast is our SUS group time. This is time in small groups studying the Bible together. The rest of the morning is spent in two Seminars with a break in the middle. Seminars are interactive sessions where we dig deeper into God’s word together, they are usually where we get to see the big picture of what the whole sweep of God’s word has to say about a subject. We then have lunch and afterwards it is into afternoon activities. The activities are usually split into two (or three) slots and are a mix of all-together activities and options. We then have dinner together. In the evening we have our Big Teaches. These are meetings that include games, singing, interviews and the reading and preaching of God’s word. A day at Contagious MAX then ends with some after hours activities and before lights out at 10.45pm.

What is being taught at Contagious this year?

We live in a world of fake news and false ideas. Many people are uncertain of who they are, why they exist and how to make sense of life. Where can we turn to find truth and stability? Where can we find a solid foundation to build on? We can only find it in God’s word, entrusted to God’s church. In 1 Timothy a church which lives and loves the Bible is described as a pillar and foundation of the truth. Come and join us this summer as we open up 1 Timothy and learn how to stand tall and hold firm!

How are young people kept safe at Contagious?

We are serious about keeping all children and young people safe at Contagious. If you would like to read our safeguarding policy then you can access that here.

How can I be praying for Contagious? 

We would love it if you could be praying for us throughout the week! It is only through God’s word applied to the hearts of the young people through the Holy Spirit’s work that lives are changed. Please be praying for faithful teaching and for hearts opened to the good news of the gospel. For particular points for prayer check out our dedicated page.